Friday, September 26, 2008

Location - Location - Location

I don't like doughnuts - at all, but most of the cops I've met have been pretty decent. Of course, I've never had to wear a pair of those bracelets they carry or do the frog walk either.

When we bought our house, we narrowed the choices down, sort of, to 2. The first was on the island (Anastasia Island - also part of St Augustine), the other a mile inland. The price was the same - to the penny. The cost for flood insurance, for the one on the island, was about $7k per year. The one we chose? - wasn't required.

We bought our house the day it went on the market (after looking at the one on the island the same morning). The first set of sellers were willing to negotiate, so I was in the deal making frame of mind when we walked into the 2nd one. The realtor proceeded inside ahead of us, followed by Deb (my wife). Deb got to the foyer while I was still entering & announced "SOLD" - Totally negated my brilliant negotiating skills. That's OK - The location is great & I'm more than 20 grand to the good on insurance savings. Besides, there's not a doughnut shop anywhere within miles.


Mark LaFlamme said...

Here in Lewiston, Maine, the cops gather at Dunkin Donuts each spring for a donut eating contest to raise money for Special Olympics. Weirdly, the skinny guys always win.

JaxPop said...

Hey Mark - I was running a construction job outside of Philly where there was a free-standing (name of doughnut chain left blank) in an adjoining parking lot. Turns out that the 'family' running the location lived in the back room of the store. The "owner" or whatever he was, was observed beating up his wife outside behind the store. (I didn't see it.) 4 of my badass carpenters ran across the lot & beat the guy to a bloody pulp. (Did I mention I didn't see it? I only saw the results & gave the guys the rest of the day off with pay. What can I say - men shouldn't hit women - ever.) There are times when blind ignorance is best, & thankfully, the responding men in blue didn't seem real interested in who did what to the wife-beater. The (name of chain left blank) was shut down by the department of health within a week. If the wife-beater ever got his head turned around to face the right way again, I'm sure he ain't gettin' up anymore at 3AM 'to make da donuts'.