Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Eye Was Just Thinkin'...

Eye get annoyed reading some blogs or listening to someone speak when every sentence starts with the word eye. (Disclaimer: This excludes my favorites - you know who you are!) Eye mean, there are times, when sharing something about your personal life, when it is absolutely necessary to use THAT word. No problem as long as the topic isn't ALWAYS focused on self. It's also okay if you're discussing an opinion & in reply say "eye agree" or "eye disagree". The worst IMHO is the self appointed expert who pompously beats everyone over the head with "eye recommend" - over & over (unless it's an informational / teaching / mentoring blog). Maybe pose the recommendation(s) as a question - "Have you ever tried ____?" Hellooooooo engage the reader / listener. One-sided dialogue sucks!

How 'bout that person determined to make an impression with - eye bought, eye own, eye have, eye like, eye am so popular eye can't get enough of myself. Eye get so many wonderful emails from my throng of fans. Eye get so many checks in the mail. Eye had such a tough day with the Bentley being in the shop & the maid calling in sick. (Hint: This is what's known as bragging. It's boring - not impressive, enlightening or entertaining.) Want to mention a cool review or terrific news - GREAT - but don't take it to nauseating lengths. Just kinda makes everyone's EYES glaze over anyway.

Eye also despise when folks jump into a discussion on a specific blog / chat / conversation topic & try hijacking it to shamelessly promote themselves & their work, without at least a disguised attempt at providing topic-related input. Eye think that's rude. It's okay to say "eye tried it this way" or "eye had some success with _____ "  or "eye had something similar happen to me" if it pertains to the subject .... but then ... zip it.

Eye don't know. Eye guess eye have little tolerance for the self absorbed.

"See" y'all. Eye gotta go now.