Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Perfect Rainy Day

Today was a chilly 58 degrees with on & off rain. Not a beach forecast but great for writing. After a noon visit to my favorite local 'joint' The South Beach Grill where my favorite bartender Eddie, hooked me up with one of his superior Bloody Marys while I ordered lunch 'to go' (Blackened shrimp tacos & a Breakers Salad with Mahi), I finally settled in to do some serious work. I edited some later chapters of my 'completed' MS (it's always possible to find something to tweak) & then cranked out almost 2 chapters of my 2nd MS (1st draft) - another YA adventure. I have a general idea where book 2 will go but I've not written an outline. Many writers like to outline their story before starting on the first draft & try to stick with the plot & character plan. Maybe that works, I dunno. My preference is to let the story flow & work itself out as I go with a special emphasis on building the characters & scenes. It may require more severe edits & rewrites from the initial draft but I don't mind re-working. Comparing copies of draft files with the more polished versions is pretty cool since you get to see how the work improves from one draft to another. Time to call it a day (past midnight despite the blog clock). Kinda hopin' it rains again tomorrow - & Eddie's Bloody Marys are $2 off on Sunday.