Saturday, July 16, 2011


Someday I'll grow up - but what's the hurry? My grandson Jack is convinced I'm a real pirate. Have no idea why he would think such a thing. Do you? As usual, he spent his birthday (last week) with 'Pop' & 'Nan' here in St Augustine. That's me n' Jackman in the picture below. The beard is real - grown specifically for this shot. Of course, Deb wasn't thrilled with it during the weeks leading up to this photo, so the beard was neatly trimmed to its normal length about an hour after this picture was taken.

Of course, we were well prepared for the kids' visit.

Say hello to Isabel. Everyone will get a better chance to know her once SPANKY AND THE SPECKLED BUTTER BEAN comes out. She's our lil' princess.

Okay, so I've been really busy & haven't posted for a coupla months. Have barely managed to visit & comment on my usual blog stops. But the kids returned to Pennsylvania & things are settlin' down. Well, not completely but I'm gettin' back into my writing projects & thinkin' it might be a good idea to start doin' some promotion on RECKLESS. (Ya think?)

So, you ask, what else is up? Okay, you didn't ask. Well, there are 3 more stores now carrying my books, including a really busy touristy spot in Key West! Hint: Ever hear of the famous Conch Train Tours? I also received some great feedback on RECKLESS from a terrific author.

Author & columnist Mark LaFlamme posted an awesome review of RECKLESS ENDEAVOR on Amazon. Kinda made me wanna read the book myself. I'll post his kind words here.

5.0 out of 5 stars A high-seas page turner, July 15, 2011

By Mark Laflamme (Maine) - This review is from: Reckless Endeavor A Jack Rackham Adventure

David Ebright knows sailing. He knows the value of young friendships and he sure as hell knows adventure.

In Reckless Endeavor all three are vital to the lives of Jack Rackham and his circle of friends. The adventure in particular is not slow to come. As he did with Bad Latitude, the first in the Jack Rackham line, Ebright gets right to it. He doesn't mess around with intricate knots or long looks at the weather forecast, he sails his readers right into the eye of the storm.

It starts with some history, a pair of pirates brutalized in wretched prisons hundreds of years back. In short order, that history will collide with modern day where Jack Rackham is just beginning a new adventure.

After rescuing a homeless teenager from a knife-wielding lunatic and uncovering the secret of Mary, the spirit of a thief trapped in St. Augustine's Old Jail for one hundred years, Jack Rackham puts to sea with his friends in search of another lost treasture, this time aboard the magnificent schooner, Reckless Endeavor. As a reader, I made the same mistake I made when I began Bad Latitude - I assumed it was a book written largely for young people and that it would be short on grown-up chills. Again, I was wrong. The Hardy Boys, I'm afraid, would not last a night with Jack Rackham and his friends. In addition to high seas spooks - freak whirlpools and long-dead pirates rising from the mist - there are adult themes all over the place. Homelessness, loyalty, betrayal, love and greed are among them. Ebright weaves them into his story without steering away from the action, and the result is a high-seas page turner.

Ebright spins an impressive piece of fiction, but there is also a good bit of history to be found here. One of its main characters, after all, is Calico Jack, an English pirate who designed the Jolly Roger flag and who made a career out of plundering across the Bahamas in the early 18th century. In Reckless Endeavor, Ebright brings Calico Jack back to life and introduces him to young Jack Rackham, who bears a suspicious resemblance to the legendary pirate. The meeting might leave Jack Rackham and his friends fabulously wealthy or it could turn them into so much chum for the sharks. There's only one way to find out, bilge rats. Batten down the hatches, beat to quarters and take some Dramamine if you have to. Reckless Endeavor is one wild adventure.

Thanks, Mark. So there you have it. RECKLESS is a high seas page turner - as opposed to a run of the mill page turner!

Now for one more picture from last week which will show how, in our family anyway, the inability to properly enter adulthood with dignity is being passed along to the next generation. Here's my oldest son Mike (Jack's dad) at 6 feet & 180 pounds makin' my poor grandson tote him around on his new bike. Ol' Jack's got some strong legs.

See y'all again soon - promise.