Friday, January 30, 2009

The Rackham Estate

Tomorrow will mark one month since BAD LATITUDE A Jack Rackham Adventure became available. In that short period of time, the book managed to make the top ten in sales at Booklocker, it had a nice upward boost on Amazon, & has gotten some cool reviews (which I'll share later). Nine stores are already stocking it and all of the county libraries want to carry it! The locals love the fact that ALL locations are absolutely real. More importantly, the readers have followed up with some terrific questions & really funny comments. I can't say a whole lot without giving away too much.

Surprisingly, many of the questions & comments have been about the first chapter, & specifically, The Rackham Estate. (You can read the Prologue, 1st, & 2nd chapters as a free excerpt if you click on the link on the left hand side of the blog page - just follow from there). Ronnie, up in Georgia, wants to move in! (See blog comments from the other day.) Someone else asked if parts of the story were autobiographical. The answer to that is - yes. I think anyone that writes fiction probably includes something of their own life or personality or both. You may, by now, have also realized that JaxPop (or maybe I should say Jack's Pop) is a pretty busy guy.

So.... what about the Rackham Estate? Is it real? Totally made up? After much debate & after consulting with Deb, who is still on hold with Comcast while she sorts 5600 pictures that I messed up, here's a quick peek into the Rackham world. I'd share the code, but, you know, then I'd hafta have ya whacked.