Sunday, November 7, 2010

Our Brush With The Law

It's tough when you're workin' out of town tryin' to keep track of "stuff" while splittin' time between 2 places. There's passwords, codes, PIN numbers, & account access - all multiplied by 2.

So we get 'home' after some running around here in Ft Lauderdale. Walk in the house & I punch in the alarm code to shut the system down. Problem was, I either used the alarm code from our house in St Augustine or the electronic combination lock number from the front door. Hurried up & plugged in the right code number, but it was too late, the alarm screeched - a short burst, then stopped.

Deb retrieved her phone from her camera bag, waiting for the security company to call (which is what they're suppposed to do) so she could give them the code & 'super secret word' (which I don't even know - Deb set the thing up) so they'll clear the system. No call. (This is supposed to come within a minute or two.)

Okay, no big deal. Figured the blip was probably missed & all is well. Go about our business.

10 minutes later, there's someone pounding on the door. Deb says "It's the cops!"

I laugh - "Yeah, right."

Answered the door. It IS the cops. 2 of 'em! And they're huge! One's on the front porch, the other is standing at an angle next to the walkway, hand on holster. Our escape is blocked!

I invite them in. Calm, cool, collected. Cop #2 looks itchy. Eyes dartin' around.

Big Cop #1 - "We got an alarm."

Me - "I hit the wrong code number when we came in. Thought I'd corrected it."

Big Cop #1 - "Can I see some ID?"

Me - "Sure. I'll get my wallet."

Big Cop #2 to Deb - "Do you live here?"

Deb - "No."

Cop #2 - "Uh, say that again." Hand goes to the butt of his gun.

Deb - "We live in St Augustine."

Me - (interrupting) "We're just renting this house. She means that our real home is in St Augustine."

Now we both have to show ID & I proceed with providing a more detailed 'explanation' as to why we do but don't live here. (A Desi & Lucy moment.)

Big Cop #1 to Big Cop #2 after matching our IDs - "They're okay. To me he says - "You should call the alarm company - get them to clear it." Very serious. No smiles. All business. Good cops.

Me - "Sure." (Yeah right - I don't even know the name of the security company!)

Deb invites the cops for dinner.

They politely decline the invitation & leave. (The neighbors have now abandoned their hiding spots behind the shades. Probably sayin' 'Lookit them new people - stirrin' up trouble in our neighborhood. )

Deb tries calling the alarm company - GETS AN ANSWERING MACHINE after pressing 37 numbers!

Me - "Figures. It'll probaby cost $50 for a false alarm charge 'cause no one's working the weekend."

Deb - "From now on, I'll take care of the codes."

Me - "From now on, I ain't settin' the damn alarm."

So now I can't get this song outta my head.