Sunday, January 24, 2010

NEXT STOP.......

Here we go ...... condo shoppin'.

Inside what's left of my brain, Willie Nelson keeps singin' "On The Road Again".

Next stop ..... Miami. This gig's gonna be a long one. (Picture off the web.)

So now what? RECKLESS ENDEAVOR is almost about ready to roll out the door, the 3rd book is well underway & I'm he middle of goin' through website options & ideas (a year after BAD LATITUDE - but who knew that sucker was gonna sell). What a dilemma.

How the heck am I gonna launch & promote a new book while outta town?

Maybe I should sit tight n' write while we're away. Postpone everything? Suggestions anyone???

Do have a cool idea for a story set in The Everglades but Deb says no way she's chasin' gators & pythons in an air boat. Sounded like fun to me. No worries, she'll change her mind 'cause she likes shootin' gators - with cameras that is. Gets up real close n' personal like this..... (Picture NOT off the web. Way to go Babe - I'm right behind ya!)