Saturday, January 30, 2010

Prolific Blogger Award!

My good friends Authors Joylene Butler Author of the book DEAD WITNESS) & Katherine Neff Perry (Author if the book ALMOST HOME) both nominated me for this awesome award. Pretty cool stuff & the blog where this originated is worth visiting as well. BTW - Thanks Joy & Katt.

Here are the official award rules

1. Pass this award to at least seven other deserving prolific bloggers. Here goes:
Carol Garvin awesome writer & thought-provoking blogger, Pat Bertram Author of DAUGHTER AM I, Keith Pyeatt Author of STRUCK, Laura Best Author of BITTER SWEET, Nancy Cohen Author of SILVER SERENADE, Jenna ( & her group of future writing stars) at Quill & Ink, and  finally Jennifer Hubbard Author THE SECRET YEAR.

2. Link to the blog from which you received the award

3. Link back to this Prolific Blogger post, which explains the origins and motivation for the award.

4. Add your name to the LINK.

Now go check out these great sites (& books) & follow the links to several others worth following.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

NEXT STOP.......

Here we go ...... condo shoppin'.

Inside what's left of my brain, Willie Nelson keeps singin' "On The Road Again".

Next stop ..... Miami. This gig's gonna be a long one. (Picture off the web.)

So now what? RECKLESS ENDEAVOR is almost about ready to roll out the door, the 3rd book is well underway & I'm he middle of goin' through website options & ideas (a year after BAD LATITUDE - but who knew that sucker was gonna sell). What a dilemma.

How the heck am I gonna launch & promote a new book while outta town?

Maybe I should sit tight n' write while we're away. Postpone everything? Suggestions anyone???

Do have a cool idea for a story set in The Everglades but Deb says no way she's chasin' gators & pythons in an air boat. Sounded like fun to me. No worries, she'll change her mind 'cause she likes shootin' gators - with cameras that is. Gets up real close n' personal like this..... (Picture NOT off the web. Way to go Babe - I'm right behind ya!) 

Sunday, January 10, 2010

It's Nothin' Personal

Was thinkin' 'bout how much we depend on email & online interaction these days - then my mind wandered off, as usual, to related tangents, like daily tasks & it turned into a stinkin' post. My bad but here goes:

It's so easy to fire off an email instead of making a phone call. I do it all the time. I'll usually email someone in an adjoining office rather than have to have a face to face conversation. Saves time. It's more efficient & less annoying. OUCH!

We stay in touch using FaceBook. Snap a photo & instantly add the picture to our sites or profile pages. Blog about what's on our minds. We send e-cards, or text messages from iPhones. Order a book for a Kindle or Reader & begin reading the latest thriller in 60 seconds. We network, mentor, advise, critique, whine, offer opinions & put whatever else we feel like online. No boundaries or time lag.

This year we spent Christmas with our grandkids & 2 sons - using a Webcam & microphone. They live 1000 miles north of here. Didn't have a choice. (Job interference.) It was funny/sad when 4 year old Isabel tried to hug us through the screen. Little kids are great & she's a real cutie. Shopping online? - Yeah, we do that too & can even include a card with a message at no extra cost.

Breaking news becomes old news in a matter of hours & the old news is forgotten with a mouse click. Newspapers can't compete in this age of instant information updates & most are circling the proverbial drain. Book publishers are scrambling to survive. The inefficiencies of their century-old business model is killing their bottom line & the upstarts, using new technology, are devouring market share. Magazines? They're all going broke. Catalogs or phone books? Get real.

Which leads to: Would there be so many writers (or wannabes) if everything was 1st handwritten or banged out on a manual typewriter? No copy & paste? No delete? Edit? Formatting? Scrolling? I sure as heck wouldn't be here. (Admission: I still have to look at the keys & use only 3 fingers to type.)

People without access to, or the expertise in using the technology are lost - & will fall further behind. My mother will never learn how to do her banking online. She's never even used an ATM. Of course, she also argued with me about the power windows feature in her car. Didn't want them. Too fancy. Sometimes I can't believe I grew up with indoor plumbing.

Last week's post drew 3 comments from Canada, & 1 each from New Mexico, Florida, Georgia, & Colorado. (Other blogs with major league traffic would make that stat look sick.) Blink - there we all were, a few keystrokes, & we're hangin' out. Common interests & topics  discussed. Encouragement offered, laughs shared, comments about family swapped - kinda like old friends. (But we've never met & probably never will). Isn't that kinda strange? Maybe it's even a little creepy. Are the folks on the screen good people - the real deal? How can anyone really know? Am I the real deal or just a screwball online personality created to hide who or what I am or might be. Creepy huh?

I'm almost done. Stay with me here. I'll make a point. Sort of.

When's the last time you used a pen to write a letter? Wrote a check? Bought a newspaper? Who carries a wad of cash these days? I haven't even seen my accountant in person since 2002!

For all of the conveniences that the internet & gadgets offer, it seems we're heading toward a very impersonal future. I suppose we'll just hafta blog about the good old days when we were able to make eye contact with people & see who was real & who was really creepy.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Botox & Fried Baloney

It's the 2nd day of the new year & most resolutions have already tanked. Didja make any?

I've never understood the idea behind resolving to change or improve on a certain date. Why January 1st? Really, any time of year is appropriate. I quit smoking every single day! Boy do I feel better.

Every year people say they're gonna lose weight & get healthier. It's impossible, 'specially the way the evil advertisers draw unsuspecting victims into various eating establishments. Who, for instance, could resist this?

Makes ya kinda wanna flip your car up onto 2 wheels tryin' to turn into the place. Wonder what a chicken liver does. D'ya think they really put sand on the baloney? Be a bit gritty I would think. Ruffage? Hmmm...

Since there's no chance of me keeping any resolution, I've decided to cheat. This year, I'm not going to age. Yup! Y'all heard right. Bought me a 55 gallon drum of 'Just For Men' hair coloring, a roll of industrial strength sandpaper & 3 cases of Botox. The Botox will come in handy with my bad back. 20 or 30 injections is all it'll take before I'll be able to pull my socks up by simply raising my eyebrows.

On a less serious note: The Haunted City Writer has been very busy ... uh... writing. Haven't been blogging much but hopefully that'll change soon. Lots of stuff coming up.