Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hi 5


Ignore the picture stolen from the internet (& that man behind the curtain) - this is not really my hand. First clue would be the long sleeve. South Florida is one hot, steamy place. Blech! Didn't miss it.  

Drowning after a week's vacation & playing catch up on everything. While "off" they had tons of rain in Miami (see last post) so job progress went down the drain, so to speak, which makes me even more nuts.

Planned to post some pics from last week - but they're not downloaded to this computer &, since Deb stayed in St Augustine (*sniff*) this week with all 1800 photos will have wait 'til SHE returns to the dreaded condo in Ft Lauderdale. Deb hates it here. Have managed some editing & resumed work on cover art for RECKLESS, so I'm stoked about that.  

Bought a Kindle a few weeks ago. Was iffy about it, but I got a good deal. Turns out to be a pretty cool toy. It's (too) easy to buy books & it's comfortable to use - even at red lights. First book I read on the thing was NO MERCY by John Gilstrap. He's an author that blogs on "The Kill Zone" (link on my page) & he's really good. Here's the deal - No Mercy was a freebie offered when his new book HOSTAGE ZERO was launched last week. I suppose lots of folks took the free book & moved on with their lives but I figured, I'll give the guy a shot & buy the new release. Hard to go wrong on a 2 for 1 deal. Well, he's got a new fan & I gotta quit clickin' "buy" buttons. 

So whaddya think about ebooks? Good for authors? Bad for publishers? Here today - gone tomorrow?

Wonder if they'll ever make a waterproof Kindle. I'd buy that.