Sunday, February 13, 2011

Bitter, Sweet by Laura Best

I'm supposed to be finishing up some last minute tweaks on RECKLESS ENDEAVOR, things like a brief synopsis, for the Kindle, iPad & Nook versions, but I was sidetracked. It'll be a late night now for sure, but I'm gonna get it done. Have to. Anyway, it all started this afternoon when I stopped at the Post Office to pick up the mail .....

There it was - Laura Best's book - Bitter, Sweet. So, I unwrapped it & started checking it out. Then I started reading. And then I kept reading. Had bought some rib-eye steaks for the grill earlier in the day. Instead of putting them on during daylight, I kept reading - until the book was finished. (It was completely dark when I fired up the grill. When I went outside & turned the steaks, I reached for the handle on the grill's lid - to close it - & since I couldn't see, missed  it, & put my hand on the hot lid. I now have no fingerprints on my right hand.)

Sorry, back to the topic. (It's okay - I'm typing left handed.)

Okay, now I'm not a writerly literary genius or even a student of the craft, & don't pretend to be. And usually I favor action packed novels, thrillers, mysteries, sometimes horror & I write adventure tales for kids - but that's not gonna stop me from offering my thoughts on Bitter, Sweet.   

First of all - this book is flat out entertaining. It is also very well written, IMHO. The characters have unique personalities. The scene description is balanced - not overdone - enough to pull the reader into the setting without disrupting the flow of the story. The dialogue is strong - each character's voice stands out. It's easy to get a real feel for the poverty, the loss, the heartache & the family's ultimate struggle to put up a 'united front' in order to survive. Well, Laura has managed to make all of her words count & created a remarkable story. Very impressive. A terrific read. Thumbs up, my friend.    

Okay, I'm off to soak my hand ....  Oh yeah, click the Amazon link & buy Laura's book. Go on. Hurry!