Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Did It Come With A Manual???

Does it really take an Einstein to set up a computer, build a website, transfer data without quadruplicating it (sorry Deb - you'll be done in a few months) or add links???? I mean, this is tedious stuff, but then... well, maybe I'm a moron. Ask someone how much to build a website & you always get an hourly rate..... but no cap on the expected time. 'Okay dude - here's my wallet, check book & keys to my lock box at the bank." Well, I decided to make it all easier by upgrading our technology. My computer IQ may not be so great ... but I am the master of ingenious solutions when it comes to cost effective problem solving. Who needs this guy???

So the other day, since Deb's laptop has been dying a slow death, we broke down & bought the latest & greatest supercomputer that money can buy. Well, latest & greatest that I could afford. Got this one at a special going out of business GE sale. Granted, it's not really portable & it is slower than some, & it does put out a tremendous amount of heat, & requires a special raised floor.... but the deal we got.... whoa baby! I negotiated my butt off & got an extra 5% off PLUS free delivery to my .... uh... driveway. I didn't even let that guy talk me into the extended warranty. (Guess he thought he had a 'live' one.) The contractors should be ready by Thursday for the moving company to shove it through that big hole in the back wall.

Okay - I realize it's not wireless...duh!!... but you can download pictures in under 10 minutes, maybe even faster if we add another 200 amp service. It also puts out (I'm told) a very soothing train-like sound. I'm not sure why they recommended adding the vibration pad or the steel attic beams, but, hey, I saved big on this sucka. Uh oh... I'd better end this post, Deb's callin' from the other room. She's been on hold with Comcast since Saturday & might need a glass of water ... or somethin.'

Anyway - Eechyer hearts out you blog following masses (both of you). Turn GREEN with envy. We are ready for real cyberstuff, or whatever you call it!

Nuts I forgot to get a printer....