Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I think I was a pretty good dad. My 2 boys received plenty of love, attention, assistance (& so called loans - HA!), guidance, practical training, job help &, when they needed it, discipline. That being said, I rarely changed a diaper (maybe 6 times in my life?) or spoon fed them their meals (how tedious is that?). On a few occasions I may have helped get them into their little snowsuits, but mostly because we were inside a warm house while this was being done & the first one dressed would always get hot & start getting cranky waiting for Bro' to be ready. (Sweating toddlers in January!) So, I wasn't a good Mr Mom. Sue me. Now I will add, in my who cares what you think anyway defense, that my wonderful wife did not work outside of the home going way back to, uhmm, before we were married. I suspect that I would have changed more diapers than I did had this not been the case, but I still woulda hated it. What I DID enjoy, other than reaching in to blast them with cold water from the shower as they got their baths, was telling stories at bedtime. The game was on when The Big Dog Daddy said "GO". The little guys would give me a topic (usually something off the wall) & I had 30 seconds to make up a tale that would last 10 or 15 minutes. Somehow, even though the stories were totally made up in my head, one of the little smart a$$e$ would tell me I left a part out - leaving me no choice but to tickle them into submission - or until Mommy had to get them dry PJs.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Bloody Beach Tags

Crazy Weekend! Great Weather! The Bud Shootout yesterday in Daytona - go Junior! Spent this morning working in the mulch beds (that sucked) & then ran around town (which was cool). We hung out at Anastasia Island State Park where Deb took some great photos, & then bought our beach tags for my truck & her Durango. We met (I tried to get away) a couple who knew all of "the best spots" in town - all based on happy hour prices. "2 Sapphire martinis for $6 @ such n' such".... There's nothing like a pair of overtanned shriveled lushes. I don't like martinis anyway.

One of our favorite things is hanging out at the beach. Here we're allowed to drive on the beach. We buy passes (beach tags) for the season for $30 per vehicle. No season pass? - it's $5 per visit, so we save about ..... $500. Probably. Best 60 bucks spent every year. Besides the obvious convenience, we're able to haul whatever we want & set up in minutes. No lugging. This means we have lots of cookouts AND I can bring my DC adapter. I set up a table & run an extension cord from the vehicle power outlet to my laptop & I can write or edit on that pure white sand.

On today's down side - I've been wanting to stop & check out a place called the Matanzas Innlet Restaurant (yes - double n). Deb's been saying nah for 2 years, but today she reluctantly agreed. I thought it would be relaxing to sit waterside & enjoy a Bloody Mary. Sheesh. What a waste. 12 Bucks for a cheap mixer on ice, the vodka obviously forgotten. Our waitress never checked back with us so I had to take the empty glasses to the bar to pay my tab (& escape). The Owner, a real gem with an attytood, took my cash. I wanted to ask how much the drinks would be if booze was included but decided it best to get outta that grungy hole. On the plus side, I didn't order food. The experience, on the whole, sucked more than weeding mulch beds.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Tick Tock

I've been hit with a barrage of reminders these last couple of days about my advancing age (51 BTW). My company will turn 25 in early March so they want everyone to submit something about ourselves describing where we were & what we were doing 25 years ago. Hmmm... I was crisscrossing the country in commercial airliners as a 27 year old running 7 construction projects spread between New Mexico & Virginia, while living in Kansas City with my wife (age deleted) & 2 kids (then 3 & 7) & a Collie puppy named Casey (now deceased). Whew - Holy Run ON Sentence Batman! I spoke with a former co-worker today, never asked how he got my number. He was a wet behind the ears kid way back when & now he's 40 with 2 kids in HS. Then there's the kids I coached in baseball & football that are now in their mid 30's with kids, mortgages and, in some cases, their own businesses. I got a few emails from my niece Ryane today - seems like she was a baby just yesterday. She was with us a lot while growing up & knows "stuff" about us crazies (good "stuff" - I think). Now she's finished with college & living on the opposite coast of Florida with her boyfriend - similarly named minus the 'e'. (That name thing's got to be a challenge - but it beats Otto, his Dad's first choice.) Thinking back, & I guess that's what old folks do, there have been so many adventures - so many people -so many stories & lots of hard work. Highs & Lows - but mostly highs. Great marriage, great kids. We've been blessed. Geez - A lot has been crammed into this life so far. That's pretty cool. It's never been dull. Hey - maybe I'll be asked to submit something for the 50th anniversary "Where Were You" question! (Duh! The answer will be the same if I can remember!) On 2nd thought - that'll mean I'm still working at 76 - fugghettaboudit.