Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Procrastinate? Me?

Deb took this pic of a potential web consultant last weekend in Islamorada.
(Nice set o' legs!!!)

  I gotta get off my butt & get it done..... dreading it...  Can't procrastinate .... uh... much longer.....

Shoulda set it up before BAD LATITUDE came out .......definitely before RECKLESS ENDEAVOR hits the street.
(Yeah - That's me in the pic - reference leg comment above.)

Lots to do & bein' out of town ain't helpin'.....

Gotta stop day dreamin' & get this "stuff" done.....

Maybe I should stop hangin' out (Islamorada again)

Dunno if I wanna.

Home to St Augustine Friday night & then a quick trip to Key West Sunday....

Huh???  What???

Ya say I'd better get my priorities in order.?

(*sigh*) Okay, I'll try. Promise.

Where was I...... right.

Maybe run home to St Augustine Friday night & visit Key West Sunday.

Thanks for the pep talk y'all. Seriously, hafta get busy on that website..... right after .....