Monday, February 4, 2008

Tick Tock

I've been hit with a barrage of reminders these last couple of days about my advancing age (51 BTW). My company will turn 25 in early March so they want everyone to submit something about ourselves describing where we were & what we were doing 25 years ago. Hmmm... I was crisscrossing the country in commercial airliners as a 27 year old running 7 construction projects spread between New Mexico & Virginia, while living in Kansas City with my wife (age deleted) & 2 kids (then 3 & 7) & a Collie puppy named Casey (now deceased). Whew - Holy Run ON Sentence Batman! I spoke with a former co-worker today, never asked how he got my number. He was a wet behind the ears kid way back when & now he's 40 with 2 kids in HS. Then there's the kids I coached in baseball & football that are now in their mid 30's with kids, mortgages and, in some cases, their own businesses. I got a few emails from my niece Ryane today - seems like she was a baby just yesterday. She was with us a lot while growing up & knows "stuff" about us crazies (good "stuff" - I think). Now she's finished with college & living on the opposite coast of Florida with her boyfriend - similarly named minus the 'e'. (That name thing's got to be a challenge - but it beats Otto, his Dad's first choice.) Thinking back, & I guess that's what old folks do, there have been so many adventures - so many people -so many stories & lots of hard work. Highs & Lows - but mostly highs. Great marriage, great kids. We've been blessed. Geez - A lot has been crammed into this life so far. That's pretty cool. It's never been dull. Hey - maybe I'll be asked to submit something for the 50th anniversary "Where Were You" question! (Duh! The answer will be the same if I can remember!) On 2nd thought - that'll mean I'm still working at 76 - fugghettaboudit.