Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Why Do They Charge More For

Deb had her hair done today.... (Looks fabulous hon - really) but, I don't get the whole cost thing. Understand, I'm not complaining. She didn't buy "hair products" this time. Hint: Good ol' shampoo & conditioner is usually what - $6 or $8? Hair "products" are apparently up there in car payment range - so I need to feel grateful..... I guess.

There are always STORIES after the salon visit. ALWAYS. We were in Chicago for several weeks - too long to go without the hair 'being done'. Naturally, SARAH, Deb's stylist, had awful things (cat sounds in background) to say about the Chicago cut & color & this n' that and suggested - "You should have flown back here to get it done right, instead of getting it all screwed up like this - I would have fit you in." HELLOOOOOOO...... The airfare alone was almost $700 round trip for one person Sarah Scissorhands. What do I look like John Edwards? (I have no idea what was so AWFUL about it, but, hey, what do I know.)

Over dinner we debated (in good fun) the ridiculous cost of hair care for women. My point was, yes I know they have overhead & everyone needs to make a living but..... I pay less every month for the lawn folks & they cut, edge, weed-whack, rake/sweep & THEY do it every week using 3 men (not just 1 lady once a month) & they fertilize every 3 or 4 weeks. We're also comparing a decent sized lawn area to .... a head. Ok, I'll concede - they don't make riding clippers.

Next month maybe Sarah from Panache' will cut our grass & the dudes from The Lawn Ranger will take care Deb's hair.... Easy on the weedkiller guys.