Sunday, February 10, 2008

Bloody Beach Tags

Crazy Weekend! Great Weather! The Bud Shootout yesterday in Daytona - go Junior! Spent this morning working in the mulch beds (that sucked) & then ran around town (which was cool). We hung out at Anastasia Island State Park where Deb took some great photos, & then bought our beach tags for my truck & her Durango. We met (I tried to get away) a couple who knew all of "the best spots" in town - all based on happy hour prices. "2 Sapphire martinis for $6 @ such n' such".... There's nothing like a pair of overtanned shriveled lushes. I don't like martinis anyway.

One of our favorite things is hanging out at the beach. Here we're allowed to drive on the beach. We buy passes (beach tags) for the season for $30 per vehicle. No season pass? - it's $5 per visit, so we save about ..... $500. Probably. Best 60 bucks spent every year. Besides the obvious convenience, we're able to haul whatever we want & set up in minutes. No lugging. This means we have lots of cookouts AND I can bring my DC adapter. I set up a table & run an extension cord from the vehicle power outlet to my laptop & I can write or edit on that pure white sand.

On today's down side - I've been wanting to stop & check out a place called the Matanzas Innlet Restaurant (yes - double n). Deb's been saying nah for 2 years, but today she reluctantly agreed. I thought it would be relaxing to sit waterside & enjoy a Bloody Mary. Sheesh. What a waste. 12 Bucks for a cheap mixer on ice, the vodka obviously forgotten. Our waitress never checked back with us so I had to take the empty glasses to the bar to pay my tab (& escape). The Owner, a real gem with an attytood, took my cash. I wanted to ask how much the drinks would be if booze was included but decided it best to get outta that grungy hole. On the plus side, I didn't order food. The experience, on the whole, sucked more than weeding mulch beds.