Saturday, June 7, 2008



I like stories that have a great pace, include plot twists, lots of surprises & characters with memorable personalities. Dialogue needs to be crisp, natural &, when possible, funny, off the wall and unpredictable. Lofty goals I suppose, but why set the bar at waist level?

One of my chores is to sum up my completed YA manuscript of 26 chapters (plus prologue) in 40 words or less. I think I finished it last night - 37 words. Maybe it'll work, maybe it won't. Since I don't belong to a writing or critique group - I'll have to wing it. Get the essence of the story across without getting bogged down in details or backstory. Grab attention without misleading. Whew!!! It really makes you machete through the story (characters, twists, description, backdrop, dialogue, & humor) to find THE POINT of it. Thought provoking & challenging to say the least.

As usual I saved the draft to let it percolate a bit before rushing to press. Today, while reading a blog that I visit frequently, I decided to post the summation to see if I (a) get any response at all (b) get any helpful criticism (c) lose the few readers / commenters that my blog gets. If everyone HATES it, go to my latest myspace blog where I have posted a BonJovi video (myspace/jaxbel).

So.... here goes....

Are you ready???

Are you sure???

Countdown .... 10 - 9 - 8 - 7 ....

Really here goes (shuts eyes tightly & reaches for mouse to click publish...)

Did I mention it's Young Adult....Not Steinbeck????

Did I mention it's called 'BAD LATITUDE' & the story is based in St Augustine????

That's it - here goes....

Fifteen-year-olds put surfing on hold after uncovering an ancient secret that could lead to unimaginable wealth or a tragic and untimely end. Their quest becomes a dangerous obsession, ultimately forcing them to choose between fortune and friendship.

I hope that wasn't too painful......

By the way - That's not me in the picture - I'm not looking for sympathy after all.