Sunday, February 13, 2011

Bitter, Sweet by Laura Best

I'm supposed to be finishing up some last minute tweaks on RECKLESS ENDEAVOR, things like a brief synopsis, for the Kindle, iPad & Nook versions, but I was sidetracked. It'll be a late night now for sure, but I'm gonna get it done. Have to. Anyway, it all started this afternoon when I stopped at the Post Office to pick up the mail .....

There it was - Laura Best's book - Bitter, Sweet. So, I unwrapped it & started checking it out. Then I started reading. And then I kept reading. Had bought some rib-eye steaks for the grill earlier in the day. Instead of putting them on during daylight, I kept reading - until the book was finished. (It was completely dark when I fired up the grill. When I went outside & turned the steaks, I reached for the handle on the grill's lid - to close it - & since I couldn't see, missed  it, & put my hand on the hot lid. I now have no fingerprints on my right hand.)

Sorry, back to the topic. (It's okay - I'm typing left handed.)

Okay, now I'm not a writerly literary genius or even a student of the craft, & don't pretend to be. And usually I favor action packed novels, thrillers, mysteries, sometimes horror & I write adventure tales for kids - but that's not gonna stop me from offering my thoughts on Bitter, Sweet.   

First of all - this book is flat out entertaining. It is also very well written, IMHO. The characters have unique personalities. The scene description is balanced - not overdone - enough to pull the reader into the setting without disrupting the flow of the story. The dialogue is strong - each character's voice stands out. It's easy to get a real feel for the poverty, the loss, the heartache & the family's ultimate struggle to put up a 'united front' in order to survive. Well, Laura has managed to make all of her words count & created a remarkable story. Very impressive. A terrific read. Thumbs up, my friend.    

Okay, I'm off to soak my hand ....  Oh yeah, click the Amazon link & buy Laura's book. Go on. Hurry!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Hangin' Out

I've been just kinda hangin' out lately, doin' research on a buncha stuff that's gonna be in the next book, which is already underway. The picture above is from The Old Jail in St Augustine. The jail provides a fun chapter location in RECKLESS for one of the "adventures". It was also necessary to do some readin' up on how hangings were carried out, since that's how Calico Jack Rackham met his end in 1720. That little detail doesn't stop him from visiting his young descendant.

Right now I'm into Aztecs, jungles, and caves.... with a few twists, of course. I'll need some first hand cave experience, you know, for realism's sake, so there's gotta be a trip in our future (get your camera ready, Deb!). Maybe after the pirate invasion in Tampa later this month. In the meantime, I'm doing my usual poor job of marketing & promotion, in the weeks leading up to the release of the latest Jack Rackham Adventure - might be on Kindle & Nook in a week, not sure.    

Well, I've been kinda quiet lately but I ain't just sittin' around.