Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sitting On The E-Book Fence


So many authors are putting their work on readers & blogging about the positive sales results. The company that I use for my books, BookLocker (they're fantastic), doesn't work with Kindle (they recently sued Amazon & won) or Smashwords, but they are aligned with Apple's iBooks.  

Now the successes are the result of hard work - networking, blog tours, & guest posts, and a whole lotta good writing. Scott Nicholson is in the middle of a 90 day tour (& he's givin' away a Kindle or 2 or 3). He's the author of DRUMMER BOY (which I'm reading now - It's very good), THE RED CHURCH & a half dozen others.

Mike Jastrzebski author of KEY LIME BLUES & STORM KILLER just posted about his experience. Mike's got it tough, living on a boat in the tropics. He blogs with some other cool folks at Write On The Water.

Then there's the current Big Dog Daddy of Kindle sales - Joe Konrath. Might have heard of his Jack Daniels series, & A NEWBIES GUIDE TO PUBLISHING. Joe flashes the stats, but does so in an effort to encourage. He's hosting Scott Nicholson today.

Back to what to do. I don't have the time to invest creating an online presence & have no writerly expertise to share. I write YA, rather than Thrillers, Mysteries or Horror, so there's no great audience pull there. And besides, how many kids will be buying e-readers?

Guess I'll resume polishing RECKLESS ENDEAVOR & return to my perch on that fence.