Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Eatin' Outta Her Hand

These pics are from our visit to Silver Springs.

I'm a lucky guy 'cause I'm best friends with my wife (Deb), & we've been happily married for a long time. As unusual as it may sound these days, we actually enjoy each other's company & get along great. Hint - Hint - we like to have conversations & we work hard at trying to spoil each other. (I'm spoiled rotten.) Like the giraffe above, she's got me eatin' outta her hand.

Deb's great with a camera. In my book, The Bad Latitude, the character 'Nan' seems to have the same traits & hobbies as Deb. Hmmmm.... even photography, especially pics of flowers & wildlife. Butterflies are another big thing for her - somehow she manages to get them to hold their pose.

If I can ever find the picture of the pygmy rattler that she caught, I'll post it on the blog. Deb wanted close ups. It was coiled up next to the front porch so she grabbed it, put it in an orange juice bottle, snapped the pics & then let it go. Didn't seem worried at all that it was poisonous.

Nah, guess that story's not as interesting as the one where she caught the small hammerhead shark by the tail down at our beach. It was swimming near shore, in knee deep water, right next to her leg. It didn't phase her. She reached down & plucked him outta the sea & click click click. Unfortunately, those pictures were lost when her computer crashed. What she'll do for pictures is crazy, but it's always pretty funny. That's important - 'cause we laugh a lot.

Guess I'll have to post the gator pics in the future..... TOO CLOSE!!!!