Thursday, September 25, 2008

Good Education, Good Price, Cool Digs

One of the best educational deals around is located in downtown St Augustine. It's called Flagler College - a 4 year liberal arts school of about 3000 students. Aside from being surrounded by history, great amenities & perfect beaches & parks - it comes with a reasonable price tag - $19 grand a year including room & board. It's also a highly rated school according to U S News & World Report, among others. These are just a few pictures which hopefully show the school's more unique features.

The school was built by Henry Flagler as a hotel - where big-wigs like presidents & Thomas Edison stayed. It was the 1st hotel with electric lights - but that's another story. The fountain (payin' attention?) is surrounded by 12 frogs & the part in the middle represents a sword plunged into the earth. It works like a fountain & a sun dial.

This is part of the courtyard - there's a blend of architectural design throughout. Moorish, Roman, Spanish - all tied together.

This view is from a courtyard across the street - trying to show the roof & the dramatic towers from a short distance.

Ho-Hum, just the ceiling art. Every school should have domes & gold painted ceilings.

If you turned right, from the courtyard where the overall shot of the main building was taken, & walked 50 yards - this is where you would end up. One of many cool shopping & dining locations. It's a pretty clean town dontcha think?

If you said this looked like Tiffany Glass - You would be right - 30 million dollars worth - & this is in the dining room that the students use.

See - Toldja. Imagine kids eating pizza & corndogs surrounded by such expensive art. The chairs in the picture are mostly reproductions of the originals - though there are some 100+ year old chairs (valued at $22K each) mixed in with the fake $2k chairs. There's a secret about how to figure out the difference between the two types. Visit St A & I'll let you in on the mystery of which ones are "the cheap seats".


Heinous said...

Wow, that is awe-inspiring inside. You would feel like you're really learning something heavy in that atmosphere.

Rebecca Ramsey said...

It's gorgeous! And I've seen it before-at least in pictures. Both my big kids have been at a church camp there, and loved it! One day I want to see that architecture for myself!
Enjoyed the post.
Your blog looks great!

JaxPop said...

Heinous - It's just the tip of the iceberg there. Flagler has a great reputation & it's really close to the beach.

Hey Becky - Thanks for the compliment. My Blog isn't eben in the same solar system as yours. I'm trying to figure out how to put the image of your book on my page. I need lessons from the blogmeister.

Diane said...

Gorgeous... makes me want to go back to school!

Mark LaFlamme said...

I gather you're in Florida. I tell you, the state could be filled with nothing but abandoned refrigerators to live in and I'd still be itching to go there. I'm up in Maine and this winter ain't going to be pretty. Architecture is nice and all, but so is wandering around in shorts in January. Someone break out the sleeper sofa. I'm comign over.

JaxPop said...

Diane - It's an awesome school & there's a ton of things to do around these parts. Being an attractive destination for tourists, the kids at the school have zero problems getting decent paying part time jobs. I'll be posting about 'The Ancient City' from time to time. For a better overview look at I think that's the best website.

Mark - I heard that the Farmer's Almanac predicted a catastrophic winter - sustained record lows all over the country. If you make it down this way - gimme a holler. We hang out on the beach year round ('specially Christmas Day), though we gripe loudly when the temps dip below 60. It's also a great place to write.