Saturday, September 6, 2008

A Coupla Things Guys Should Never Do

#1 - Guys should never pick out small appliances for home. Today we decided it was time for a new coffee maker. What I wanted was the kind that could grind & brew. We had one & it was really great, but I broke it about a year ago. (Lesson 1(a) - Stay out of the kitchen so appliances won't get broken.) In the end, passed on the expensive gadgetry & went with a reasonably priced, space aged looking, functional appliance. (We'll just use the separate, but less convenient grinder) I made one big mistake - bought a black one. If you look at the picture of our kitchen - all of our appliances & cabinets are white. Uh... Ok ... But I can't return this one - the box & the packaging has been destroyed. So much for focusing on functionality. Guess we'll have to see if they make the one we bought in the right color.

Oh yeah... #2 - Never ever take or try to decipher phone messages for your wife - Let them go to voicemail & ignore 'em.

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Mark LaFlamme said...

Also, you really need to watch what you say about your wife's pretty sister. I'm still dabbing myself with Bactine after learning that one the hard way.