Thursday, August 28, 2008

It's What We Do

Both of my boys are in the construction business, like me, like my dad & like my great grandfather. Both of MY grandfathers were mechanics so they screwed up the link in the family history just a bit.

The other day, oldest son Mike emailed me a few pictures of a project he's doing at the state capital in Pennsylvania. It's a pretty cool job, a major repair to prevent further damage to the historic building itself as well as the protection of the priceless murals inside. I was very impressed, but then, I'm always extremely proud of my boys anyway & love them both like crazy. Here's one from Mike.

So, I got to thinkin'. Maybe I could do a blog post about what THEY do. So I emailed younger son Chris, asking him to send me some pics of one of his projects. Here's what I got from that chucklehead.

It seems that about 2 weeks ago, Chris' company had a problem on a project (on the outskirts of Philly) which resulted in a 'little' fire (20 engine companies responded) that wiped out a couple of buildings & damaged some others that were already completed. It just figures that he would send me THOSE pics instead of something displaying fancy millwork or funky multi-tiered ceilings, but then, like me, & my father before - my boys are a coupla smart alecks that just happen to build things.

Oh geez.... I just realized, I included only one of Mike's pics & two of Chris'. Now Mike's gonna be mad at me & Chris will think he's the favorite. Uh Oh... Sorry Mike.

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Heinous said...

That's so funny that your son would send you pictures of the project that started a fire. Lucky that Mike's project turned out better ;)