Saturday, January 19, 2008

We Interrupt This Writing .......

I was having a blast writing for most of the day (while my wife continues to recuperate). I could hear the TV in the other room change from the normal programming to an interruption for a weather warning. My ears perked up. It sounded serious. I went in the other room & changed the channel to local programming. Big time tornado warning, & they're showing the track of the storm & warning that we will be hit within 10 minutes or less. The way they were describing the track, I was waiting to hear the TV dude announce my address!! Geez. This is a very well built home, but I don't want to take chances by not being prepared. Priority 1 - bring the cat in from the back porch #2 - grab my cigars & cell phone out of my truck #3 Pack up my laptop & throw it in the back seat of the Durango (which is always in the garage) #4 - Make a 1/2 a pot of coffee (in case the power goes out). My under the weather love of my life? - She changed clothes, fixed her hair (why?), grabbed the jewelry, her cameras, her laptop & purse, tossed everything in the backseat of the car & then.... we stood outside on the front porch & watched as the storm barreled over top of us. Turned out we didn't bear the brunt of anything serious despite what they were tracking on TV - It was worse a mile or so away, but no word of anything touching down, & everything's cool. Now, I need to get back to work, right after I let the cat out.

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