Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Doctor Is In

Since the New Year started my wife has been sick with a capital 'ick'. This is unusual, she's a very healthy person. Our first visit to her, ahem, 'doctor' was on the 4th. She's told she has some kind of viral thing that I can't pronounce, let alone spell, which affects the soft tissue around the ribs - very painful. No remedy, just rest & mask the pain with meds. Within days, upper respiratory "stuff" set in - followed by strepp throat a day later. 3AM Saturday the 12th - we're in the ER ('til about 7AM). There's something about being awakened out of a dead sleep by someone that can't breathe that makes for a rough day - especially when that someone is your whole world. Got through that. Progress on recovery was barely noticeable so I made an appointment for her with Dr Butcher - a great guy & terrific Doc - for today at noon. The problem - I travel north each day 83 miles for the project that I'm doing. The Doctor is also north of here - about 50 miles. Rather than drive 260+ miles, I decided to work from home this morning & we left the house around 11. It took my regular doctor all of 15 minutes to completely change every script she'd been given. I had insisted on going into the exam room with her (my lovely wife doesn't like to sound like a complainer) 'cause I wanted all of the cards on the table. That's how guys are. She was surprised when the good doctor & the good husband carried on a very frank conversation that included (gasp) profanity. We also mixed in some good natured humor as well. It's what guys do. It's 8:50 PM here in Florida - me n' the doc musta cussed it out of her, she's startin' to feel better already.

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Ryane said...

So sad...poor Dee Dee. I've never heard her sound so sick on the phone- she's always so healthy and never even goes to doctors so that was scary but I am so happy that she is doing well now- thats the Dee Dee I know (never sick and always ready for something fun!)