Tuesday, January 22, 2008

MS Titles

Still struggling with a title for my completed YA. I want something that will grab attention & describe the contents. I hate bait & switch or titles that focus on a relatively small part of a story. The main characters in my MS all surf & there are portions that describe times when they do (or kite board). I don't commit very many pages or words to it. It's semi important, not the main theme, and I don't want a misleading title. Last week I was finally excited about a title that literally covered all the bases. Short - Sorta Scary & To The Point. Boy am I a creative genius. Last night I 'heard my title' being played on TV. I'm not so creative after all. The song is from way back (southern rock) & one I always liked. I can't believe I didn't realize it was actually a song title when I 'dreamed it up.' So, the struggle will continue. Maybe I'll shelve it (again) & resume work on the newer project - which I will probably shelve when finished 'cause I won't figure out a decent title for that one either.

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