Sunday, January 6, 2008


I griped like crazy earlier in the week because it was so cold here - the high reached the low 50's but when I left for work early both days - it was only 27. Today, it's about 72 - we have roses blooming out front & giant red flowers on the hibiscus plants 'sticking their chests out' toward the sun on the westerly side of the front porch. I picked kumquats this morning, & wore shorts & flip flops while running various errands. My kids tell me it's been mostly wet & cold up north & that 50 degrees would be welcomed compared to the 20's & 30's they've been getting. I guess that makes the score here move up a notch to an 8 (see previous post). The cat (Nubber) is relieved. He spends every day in his designated chair on the back porch (which is screened & perfectly safe) where he can watch the critters in the nature preserve (deer, armadillos, racoons, wild hogs, & the usual common little furry creatures) behind the house. Good thing it wasn't cold last night - I forgot about him & left him out there all night & he let me know about it as soon as I walked past the door. Nothing like starting the day getting nagged by a cat.

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