Saturday, July 14, 2012

You Don't Know Jack. . . . YET

6 months have passed since I last posted on this blog. Hmph!

We are back (finally) from our lengthy stint in South Florida & currently living full-time (*sigh of relief*) in our own home here in the nation's oldest city. My writing room renovation is almost finished (nautical theme - big surprise) & the push is on to get into the flow again on GALLOWS POINT, the 3rd book in The Jack Rackham Adventure series.
Sneak peak photo above - All of the pictures in my writing room were taken by Deb & mounted on canvas. The yacht shown is 'Enticer' built in 1934 sailing out of Rhode Island. It is very similar to FDR's Sequoia & is currently for sale for $3.3 million. This was taken in St Augustine during a visit from "The HMS Bounty".

Sorry - Back to the post: 

Unfortunately, blogging will continue to take a back seat for a bit longer. I totally understand the importance for writers to maintain a healthy internet presence, but spare time comes at such a premium & something's got to give. There is hope, however - a little anyway.

A few days ago I chatted about my dilemma with my good friend (& book character) 'Pop' while we enjoyed fine hand-rolled cigars a we lounged on the deck of RECKLESS ENDEAVOR, his luxurious multi-million dollar schooner moored just off the seawall near St Augustine's municipal pier. I mentioned some of the specific questions that I get from readers about Jack & the rest of the characters in the JRA books,  many  that even I can't answer & asked if he had any thoughts. This morning he called with a remedy.

Now he refuses to actually blog, though I imagine it could be very entertaining if he did, but it seems he invited one of his favorite authors (he never mentioned who & I know better than to ask) over to the mansion to interview his grandson Jack. Guess I could have done that myself but maybe it's better to get an outsider's perspective. In any case, this will give me some material to plug in for a couple of blog posts (since he agreed to let me use it all, word for word, if I want), & some Twitter linkage (which I still struggle with) &, as a bonus, I'll finally get some reader questions answered.

Well, we're just gonna have to see where this ends up. Could be interesting . . .  & I wonder who is doing the interview . . .  Do you have any questions?


Anonymous said...

No questions, just a comment... It's about time.

Glad to see a new post from you, Dave. And just when I announced I was taking a wee break.

Looking forward to more posts. Glad you're back home. There really is no place like it. :)

Carol J. Garvin said...

Well, look who's here! I thought you'd jumped this ship for good. ;)

Seriously, I know how difficult it is to balance writing time with the demands of everyday life, and you're right... something has to give, and it can't be your sanity. I'm sure you're loving to be back in your home... and in that great writing room. I'll bet there'll be some progress happening on GP before long.

I'm looking forward to learning more about Jack. I often wondered what his parents thought about him spending summers with his grandparents. My own son worked for my dad for several summers during his teens and, while it was a good experience for him, we missed him desperately.

Ronnie said...

Glad you're home and back writing again, Dave!
Q: I'd love to know more about Pop's childhood.

Joylene Nowell Butler said...

Glad you popped in, Dave. It's nice hearing your thoughts on this blogging experience. I'm too nosy to take much time off, but I know exactly how precious time is, and how nice it is to be settled.

David Ebright said...

Well, Laura - I'm sorta back. I've got lots to catch up on. HOPING to stay "in town" for a while.

Carol - Speakin' of ships sailin' Deb has a few cool pics of RECKLESS which are now on canvas, framed up & hangin' on my writing room walls. Sanity is holding up, back, not so much but I have a gameplan. (Remember - Man plans & God laughs).

Ronnie - I don't know that Pop was ever a kid. Think he was born old & cantankerous. Will have to check into this though. And it's great to be home but I want to make a trip north to Ga & check out your awesome little town. Looks fantastic. Think Admiral Joe said it was 90 minutes from here.

Joylene - I abandon my post in cyberspace & you go gettin' yourself a nice award for your latest book & THEN get set to move from the west coast to the east coast ... Congrats on both.

Y'all -

I do have it on good authority that the interview process has begun, though I'm not sure how Jack's handlin' it. I overheard the interviewer. Could get ugly. That's all I'm sayin'. Stay tuned.