Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sunday Stroll - in the old town

It's been almost a month since I've written anything. More than 3 since my last post. Almost zero time online. Lots going on. Getting to the final stage of my project in Miami. Pushing hard. Tired.

Six weeks ago my doctor (Dr Butcher) said I looked like crap. He ought to see me now. Dark circles under the dark circles. Guess that happens when you try to cram the work of 6 months into 3. More design changes in the works. The days seem really long but the calendar pages are flipping by way too fast. Can't believe it's almost February. Two looooong years. 

This engraving of bat wings on each side of the hour glass means "time flies". It's a marble insert on the face of a St Augustine tomb where a Catholic Bishop was once buried. He "moved" home to Cuba  about 100 years ago, 40 years after his death. Hope I get home sooner than that! (And not in a box.)

Last week Deb suggested we take a little stress-relief walk around our haunted seaside hometown. First stop was an old cemetery. Maybe she was tryin' to make a not-so-subtle point.

Next we visited the old drugstore where we buy our loose tea & organic Florida honey - but no drugs.

Deb wanted to get a shot of the old city gates. It was a gray day, not great for photos, but she managed to get a picture without tourists in the scene. Across the street, in the background, is the Castillo de San Marcos. That was our next destination. These structures are built with coquina.  

                 The Castillo pictures - same day (within minutes) 2 angles. 

Busy day at the fort. On weekends they fire cannons every hour using "Spanish" soldiers in full uniform. A few years back we were in our boat (our boat really is named Laffin' Gaff), 10 yards away from the fort's seawall facing the inlet when that cannon went off. Though my engine blew up. That incident blossomed into a part of the story in BAD LATITUDE - the night Jack & Kai were fired upon by the ghost ship.

The Bridge of Lions. This bridge was recently taken apart & hauled away. A temporary bridge was built in its place. The original was completely restored, trucked back in sections & reassembled. THAT would have been an awesome project to run. In RECKLESS (book number 2), Pop does some showin' off, sailing through this very drawbridge in his restored schooner Reckless Endeavor as they leave port in search of the Rackham treasure. 

We need to run a contest to see who can figure out where the name of the bridge comes from. (Hint: Granite statues.) The inscription P de L 1513 stands for Ponce de Leon who founded the city in 1513, making St Augustine the oldest city in America & the very first Catholic mass in all of North America.   
Now drawbridges are fairly common, but how often do you see pirate ships crossing through 'em?  
                                 Or doors with this kind of hardware?   
Seeing pirates walking the streets is no big deal - happens all the time. Certainly my idea of using a dead pirate as a character couldn't have been influenced by the history of a haunted town, a town ready to celebrate its 500th year.

Hoping to get back home soon - where inspiration lurks at every corner . . .  & where I work best as The Haunted City Writer.

It's just after midnight - I'm going to write. Tonight. Finally.



Carol J. Garvin said...

Talk about 'steeped in history'... what a marvelous old town! No wonder you find inspiration there. I hope you get back home to it soon, before the work load kills you. I wonder if Deb would invest in a heritage-style headstone for you if it did. She'd probably be so mad at you she'd have a shiny modern plaque inscribed with "Up and coming author who didn't spend enough time on his writing or with me", and plant little pink posies around it. ;)

laura best said...

Nice to see a post from you, Dave. I knew you had updated but I couldn't spend much time online this past week. Miss Charlotte simply would not have liked that, and neither would I.

I enjoyed seeing the photos especially since, as you know, I likely will not see these sights for myself.

I'm hoping you slow down a bit and start putting your energy into writing. Life's too short and we need to enjoy it. :)

Joylene said...

Darn, I wrote something weeks ago and it never took. Wonder why? Do you suppose there are cyberguards out there who take the time to read comments and decide whose can stay and whose can't? It's one of the reasons my mother hated writing us a note for school to explain why we weren't there. She was positive the teachers all got together in the lounge and laughed over all the parent notes. Do you suppose?

David Ebright said...

Hey Carol - Yup, plenty of history here. Goes nice with the white sandy beaches, where I don't hang out nearly enough these days. Pushing hard, trying to cut the remaining construction schedule in half so we CAN get home. (Actually, today is Sunday & I'm on the job workin' in Miami.)

Laura - Miss Charlotte would never tolerate playin' 2nd fiddle to blogging (etc). NO WAY! Our little haunted town was recently named one of the top 10 places to visit, so ya oughta think about a trip. My slowdown mode will hopefully begin in March.

Joylene - Blogger has been screwy. This post must have had 6 or 8 spam comments show up in the "to be moderated" column. Could be that I missed your comment & inadvertantly deleted it. Dunno. I rarely wrote notes for my boys when they were in school. Both could duplicate my signature so they wrote their own. I suppose their reasons for missing school were generally more creative than anything I would have come up with.

Carol J. Garvin said...

I’m slinking back here to admit that I tagged you in a Lucky 7 meme originally introduced to me by Laura. I’m hoping you’ll play along (in all your spare time). It’s fun, and an opportunity to introduce everyone to a few lines of your current work in progress. Come on over and check it out at

Allie said...

I like the tranquil fort shot more than the tourist fort shot... but what local doesn't?! (well, besides the ones who need more business that day...)

Glad to have met you via blogs... if you make it to Firehouse soon let me know what you try! :)

David Ebright said...

Yeah, Allie - tourists ... right? Hah! I'll let you know what I think of FHS once I get there. Thanks for stoppin' by.