Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hometown Setting

Haven't been around much lately but thought y'all might like to see a music video filmed in my hometown of St Augustine, Florida. It's not a bad song either. I posted it on my FB page a few days ago.  
In the meantime - Still working to get the paper version of RECKLESS ENDEAVOR out. Had a problem with a link to the cover art - a reference to a name that doesn't go along well with the stuff I write. Anyway - that's solved to everyone's satisfaction so I'm waiting to see the revised proof copy before cutting it loose. While this is all going on, RECKLESS is selling well as an ebook on Kindle, better than expected since I've had no time to breathe, let alone promote. While that's cool n' all, I'm stumped trying to figure out why the first book, BAD LATITUDE (on Kindle since January) is outselling RECKLESS. Seems like BL will jump ahead almost 2 to 1 & then there'll be a surge on RE to go neck n' neck. I only check the sales stats once or twice a week (when I think of it), so maybe it's common for this to happen with multiple titles. Whatever. What do I know about how it all works? 

Back to the video. There are lots of backgrounds in the video that are right out of BAD LATITUDE (set in St Augie, naturally - or maybe I should say supernaturally). The lighthouse - which is haunted by Hezekiah Pittee & his dead daughters. The seawall at The Castillo de San Marcos overlooking Matanzas Bay, where 2 of my characters meet & eventually share their first kiss. Must be a good place for kissin'. The pristine beach (they blocked vehicle access for the video shoot - we're allowed to drive on our beach). Then there are the quaint streets which are perfect for late night zombie chases or, if you're not into that - you can just check out the shops & galleries.

RECKLESS starts out in St Augustine, but moves on to the Bahamas, naturally requiring a sail through the Bermuda Triangle - which leads up to an encounter with a dead pirate on a mission.  
So check out the video if ya feel like visitin' my town. 

There's also a good website - that's worth clickin' on.

Hopefully I'll get back to blogging soon - need to figure out a theme.   



Laura Best said...

Hey Dave, I've been wondering how things are going with you. We all get busy from time to time.

I like the new blog look. Blue is my second favorite colour.

Haven't watched the video yet (Dial-up) but will check it out later.Glad to hear that sales are going good. That's wonderful news. I wonder what would happen if you actually took out time to promote your book? It's nice to know so many people can read our words.

JaxPop said...

Hi Laura - Things have been crazy busy with my day job. I should post some pictures one of these days. It's nutzzzzz.

I'm trying to figure out what to do with my blog. Keep it, kill it or totally reconfigure. Wish I had a theme. My redneck post got the most traffic ever. Might do one about lawyers soon. Same thing, really.

Book sales - that's been weird because I haven't pushed anything. Barely mention them. Wonder what would happen. Hmmmm....

I just read about the importance of reader reviews for books on Kindle. Eye opening. There's a lot to this racket - Building hospitals, railroads & big office buildings is much easier.

Anonymous said...

Missed hearing from you via blog. Please don't stop blogging (just my humble opinion)! Great about the book.......imagine if you promoted it. The video was a nice touch - I'm going to have to make a visit to St. Aug one of these days......I'll just need to avoid some particular shops, hahaha!

Joylene Butler said...

So glad to hear from you, Dave. I know you've been busy--busy. Nice video. Never heard of him, but he's got good pipes. Your blog looks great. Oh, and my husband loved your book. I hope to read it soon. Life's a little crazy right now. I'm getting ready for the next book and my back's out. Yes, I'm very easy to live with right now. LOL. Take care. Breathe lots, and best of luck with the new book.

JaxPop said...

Arlene - Nice hearin' from you too. I'll betcha I can name one shop you'd avoid. You n' Deb would have a blast hangin' out in St Augie - while avoiding a certain shop owner named Bertha. Funny. Was just showin' someone your stained glass & mosaics the other day. They were very impressed.

JaxPop said...

Hi Joylene - Glad Ralph liked Bad Latitude. Nowadays I'm anxious to get the print version of RECKLESS in my grubby hands. You gotta be gettin' excited - your new book is out in about 6 weeks?
Sorry to hear about your back. Deb's out of commission today. Her clean freak streak caught up with her. At our real home the floors are tile. In our away from home 'home' in Ft Lauderdale - they're hardwood. She like's 'em extra shiny. Yesterday, after another round of polishing - she slipped & fell & twisted n' pulled parts she never knew existed - so she's kinda down for the count right now (& at the mercy of my version of cooking - which means making a phone call).

Jennifer R. Hubbard said...

Reading quickly, for a minute I thought "late night zombie chases" was "late night zombie cheeses."

Now THERE'S a midnight snack! ;-D

I'm not surprised the first book is selling better right now--people want to read book 1 first. If they like it, they'll be back for book 2. :-)

JaxPop said...

Hey Jenn - Howz Philly? We gotta get up there soon & visit family. Is zombie cheese anything like Feta? I forget that the first book is new on Kindle - but it's been available for over 2 years in print. You have something in the works following up your book THE SECRET YEAR - When's it gonna be out?

Carol J. Garvin said...

Love all the St. Augustine scenes AND your blog's new look... very commanding and masculine. I hope you decide to continue blogging. Your voice is great, no matter what the topic is. And, despite advice to the contrary, themes aren't all that important. They can get tired quickly unless they're something you're passionate about. Just continue to be yourself and folks will keep coming around to see what you have to say. :)

David Ebright (aka JaxPop) said...

Thanks Carol - I'll keep the blog going, no clue for a theme, but maybe I'm not a theme kind of guy. St Augustine is a fantastic place. Lots of story ideas.