Monday, July 19, 2010

Jack Rackham & The Black Raven Mutiny

(Photo from brochure - the rest are Deb's)

Aye 'tis no secret to ye landlubbers followin' this blog that me grandson Jack is the descendant o' that notorious scallywag Calico Jack Rackham. Alas, we celebrated the good fortune of 'is seventh birthday makin' due course through the Matanzas beyon' the Castillo de San Marcos amongst a hearty band of thieves and cutthroats aboard the galleon known as The Black Raven. 'Twas a seagoin' 
adventure worth every dubloon in me pocket, make no doubt o' that.


As man o' the hour young Jack's first duty was to hoist the colors, assisted by that rogue William Mayhem


Alas, underway were we on the high seas when Captain Scary Larry donned 'is swimmies n' snorkel an' threatened to abandon ship.


All were in mortal danger with such o' madman at the helm so Jack an' Mayhem conspired and rallied the crew to mutiny an' save the ship from certain peril.


Aye, as the battle raged Jack took the wheel and guided the seventy-two foot ship through the murky swells.


The grateful crew, Mayhem, Kathy McCarthy & Magpie Maggie elected Jack as their new captain and lowered the treasure stowed upon yonder yardarm.

Singing "Here's to ourselves, and hold yer luff, plenty o' prizes an' plenty o' duff" they presented the gifts.


The voyage and the pillaging ended an' Captain Jack made haste to the tavern for a wee dram o' rum..... (Okay, no rum, it was a pineapple and coconut concoction. Just play along here.)

And told stories of pirates and treasure to 'is old matey JaxPop......


Anonymous said...

This is the best! What a great seventh birthday for Jack to remember. He is certainly blessed with two of the most wonderful grandparents any young bloak could desire.

Joylene said...

Happy Birthday, Jack! What a joy to have such a wonderful grandpa. And grandma! Fifty years from now, Jack'll be telling his grandson about the adventure of a lifetime. The legacy lives on!

Laura Best said...

Wow Some birthday celebration. I'm totally impressed and totally loving the great photos. Happy Birthday, Jack!! Looks like seven will be a great year.

JaxPop said...

Arlene - Every year is different. He's quiet around most people but he has a quick wit & dry sense of humor that pops out in a flash. I was very impressed with the timing of his comebacks. Family trait? Suspect he will give me a good run for my money soon enough.

Joylene - Fifty years from now? Yeah, hope he remembers - better yet, hope he's cashin' royalty checks from the old man's estate! Hah!

Laura - Deb is THE photographer. She's loaded up with the gear & has the patience to wait for the shot & the angles. I use her photos a lot. If you ever see any on my blog that are fuzzy or crooked, they're mine.

I'll be sure to let Jack know he's getting congrats from some faraway places. Will post something about Isabel separately.

Carol J. Garvin said...

What a fabulous birthday celebration! Happy Seventh Birthday, Jack, and special thanks to your grandparents for sharing the adventure via great photos.

Deb said...

Hey JaxPop - Jackman is still talking about the trip! Now we need to go on the Over 21 cruise. Meet you at the bar.

Carol J. Garvin said...

You're full of subtle surprises! I'd already commented on your post, returned today to check for any updates and lo and behold, there's a new look to the blog AND a tiny change announcing that Bad Latitude is a finalist for the Florida Writers Association Royal Palm Literary Awards for YA Fiction! That's more than cool; it's a huge accomplishment! You can bet those fingers and toes are crossed. So exciting!!

When will the list of winners be out? Are you going to attend the conference? (I see it's the same weekend as the SIWConference that I'll be attending up here.)

JaxPop said...
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JaxPop said...

Trying this again - wireless keyboards sometimes skip letters.

DEB - How 'bout this weekend? I'll make reservations. The Columbia first?

Carol - Jack had a great time & walked the plank with lots of "booty". I smiled way too much.

The FWA announcement was a SHOCK. Found out a week ago Monday. I don't know about when, where or how winners are announced. I've never been to a conference - totally clueless in that department. Thanks for the congrats. If I win (yeah right) I'll email you from my Blackberry. Hah!

Ronnie said...

Memories live on after we're gone and this one will be around for a long while. What a darling boy!

Cheryl Pickett said...

Awesome! What a day for both of you. Thought of you today because my post is for children's writers. Decided to stroll over to your blog, love this post. Hope all is well!