Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hi 5


Ignore the picture stolen from the internet (& that man behind the curtain) - this is not really my hand. First clue would be the long sleeve. South Florida is one hot, steamy place. Blech! Didn't miss it.  

Drowning after a week's vacation & playing catch up on everything. While "off" they had tons of rain in Miami (see last post) so job progress went down the drain, so to speak, which makes me even more nuts.

Planned to post some pics from last week - but they're not downloaded to this computer &, since Deb stayed in St Augustine (*sniff*) this week with all 1800 photos will have wait 'til SHE returns to the dreaded condo in Ft Lauderdale. Deb hates it here. Have managed some editing & resumed work on cover art for RECKLESS, so I'm stoked about that.  

Bought a Kindle a few weeks ago. Was iffy about it, but I got a good deal. Turns out to be a pretty cool toy. It's (too) easy to buy books & it's comfortable to use - even at red lights. First book I read on the thing was NO MERCY by John Gilstrap. He's an author that blogs on "The Kill Zone" (link on my page) & he's really good. Here's the deal - No Mercy was a freebie offered when his new book HOSTAGE ZERO was launched last week. I suppose lots of folks took the free book & moved on with their lives but I figured, I'll give the guy a shot & buy the new release. Hard to go wrong on a 2 for 1 deal. Well, he's got a new fan & I gotta quit clickin' "buy" buttons. 

So whaddya think about ebooks? Good for authors? Bad for publishers? Here today - gone tomorrow?

Wonder if they'll ever make a waterproof Kindle. I'd buy that.


Carol J. Garvin said...

And a Hi and Hi-5 back atcha! Glad to hear you're making some progress on RE and its cover. I imagine it's hard to fit everything you'd like to do into a schedule as hectic and unpredictable as yours.

I haven't splurged on an e-reader yet. The iPad would be my preference but it's too expensive a toy, and that's all it would be for me. I'm a fence-sitter when it comes to eBooks. I have a couple on my computer and just can't get interested in reading from the screen for long periods, especially after I've been writing for hours. I still prefer the old fashioned way. I can see the advantage for agents and editors, but not really for authors... sell a few more books maybe, but at less profit. I think they're here to stay but I don't see them taking over the complete market. I could be wrong though. How's the battery life on your Kindle?

JaxPop said...

Hey Carol - Battery life on the Kindle is good. Price is now down to $185. I don't like reading from a computer screen either - not even my own ebook, but reading on the Kindle has been comfortable. Definitely want to get the iPad - but I'm going to wait for the new & improved version. BAD LATITUDE will be on iBooks soon - not Kindle. That's another whole story which I'll explain in the future.

YES - The schedule is hectic & unpredictable, would be much easier if I wasn't bouncing between 2 homes.

Laura Best said...

Oddly, I like the photo even though it has a sleeve. Hmm a Kindle.I haven't decide what I think about them although I would suppose over time we will all learn to adjust. Change usually feels a bit weird in the beginning.

We had two big rains this past week as well. Guess it's something in the air..Hehehe

Carol J. Garvin said...

Wasn't it late last summer or early fall that you made the temporary move? Will the project been done soon so you can come home again for good? Bet you can hardly wait!

JaxPop said...

Rain is killing me. It shut us down again (so I drove home early). I got caught in it - soaked. Change happens so much around here - guess I'm getting used to it.

Carol - Ah I wish. You're forgetting previous escapades. Chicago, Atlanta, Delray Beach & now Miami (living in Ft Lauderdale)
THIS job is scheduled for completion in February 2011 BUT there is another $15 - 20M phase that they want to ADD which will overlap this monster. Might be another year. We've been "away" for the most part since October 2008 with a few interruptions where I was in the office in Jacksonville (70 miles away).My oldest son is starting up some projects in Texas (also construction). He has to commute from Philly - every week. We are an odd bunch of crazies.

JaxPop said...
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Joylene said...

I want a Kindle. Or should I want a IPad? I dunno. I want more books and if storing them on a Kindle is the way to go, who am I to stop progress. Good post, Dave.

How many books can you store on a Kindle? I like the idea of reading with one hand instead of two, too.

JaxPop said...

Joylene - The iPad is more versatile, even comes with a separate keyboard if you want (& I would - don't like typing on screens). It is bigger than the Kindle so it's a little more cumbersome as a reader IMHO. The cost for the iPad the way I would want it is about $900 - bought the Kindle at Target for $185 & it will store 1500 books - which is great for me the way I read & travel. Lots of free books as well - I'm reading Treasure Island right now, a freebie. I need to have more shelves built for the books I already have. I rarely buy hardcovers these days for lack of space. Jack & Isabel visited last week & made sure to push all of my books to the back of the cases. Deb was grumbling that she had to pull them all out & 'realign them'. Hah! And I thought MY OCD was bad!

Joylene said...

Dave, I ended up buying a Kobo because it was on sale here in Canada at

Should arrive next week. I'll let you know what I think after that.