Sunday, January 24, 2010

NEXT STOP.......

Here we go ...... condo shoppin'.

Inside what's left of my brain, Willie Nelson keeps singin' "On The Road Again".

Next stop ..... Miami. This gig's gonna be a long one. (Picture off the web.)

So now what? RECKLESS ENDEAVOR is almost about ready to roll out the door, the 3rd book is well underway & I'm he middle of goin' through website options & ideas (a year after BAD LATITUDE - but who knew that sucker was gonna sell). What a dilemma.

How the heck am I gonna launch & promote a new book while outta town?

Maybe I should sit tight n' write while we're away. Postpone everything? Suggestions anyone???

Do have a cool idea for a story set in The Everglades but Deb says no way she's chasin' gators & pythons in an air boat. Sounded like fun to me. No worries, she'll change her mind 'cause she likes shootin' gators - with cameras that is. Gets up real close n' personal like this..... (Picture NOT off the web. Way to go Babe - I'm right behind ya!) 


Carol J. Garvin said...

Man, oh man! Sounds like a lot of upheaval happening in your life!! Do you have to sell your place in St. Augustine or is this short term enough that you'll travel back and forth occasionally between the two places?

I think this is one of those times when you have to decide on your priorities. If writing and having some after work R&R time are more important than promoting a second book, maybe you'll want to put RE on hold for a year. On the other hand, Miami provides a whole new market for both BL and RE sales, and doing a bit of promotion there might be kind of fun. The bottom line is that you have to do what's best for you. What does Deb think? She probably knows you better than anyone else... maybe even better than you know yourself???

Carole Anne Carr said...

Don't know how you juggle work and writing, but if you want a thing enough, you make it happen. Thank you for glimpses into your fascinating life.

JaxPop said...

Carol - Hah! Upheaval! It's just another "adventure" (picture Deb rolling her eyes as she reads this). We'll keep the house in St Augustine & travel back & forth from time to time. It's about a 5 hour drive. I may put the release of RE on hold & work on getting the promo stuff in place while pushing ahead on "DR" (the initials for the current WIP working title). I'll have to make arrangements with the local stores in St Augustine so they can keep BL in stock. It's hard to plan things like book signings because schedules (work) are intense & sometimes require last minute changes. Deb goes with the flow. Hates leaving St A & you're right, she knows me like a "book". I'm lucky that she's so good-natured about things.

Carole Anne - Juggling is just a way of life & writing is one respite from the pressure cooker that is my day job. Somehow it all comes together & we manage (usually) to laugh & have fun through it all.

laurabest said...

From the perspective of someone who who has not traveled more that 6 hours from home by car ( true story---no laughing!)--Wow!! Sounds exciting!

It always seems to me that no matter how many things need juggling, one way or another we figure out a way to do it all
and keep in mind if you're really stuck for a solution you may be able to hire a Dave Ebright look a like. lol!

Deb's photo is really something!

Joylene Butler said...

Are there any bookstores in the area? Could you pop in and offer to autograph some copies? Maybe take a box and plant yourself at a table near the exit? Stop by the radio station and offer to do an on air interview? Stop at the library with 2 copies of your book?

If it were me, I wouldn't panic. I'd try to come up with one or two ideas, implement those, then gain some experience visiting a few bookstores. Take some extra posters with you and ask if they'd consider sticking them up some where.

Stop at the local paper and offer a book in exchange for an interview.

Eat lots of vegetables and fruit. Get plenty of rest. Enjoy.

JaxPop said...

Laura - I'll admit we get around but the world's not ready for me & a clone. You're right - things manage to "get done" - Now, about this traveling no further than 6 hours ..... BTW - Deb thinks I pick her worst pics for the blog & wants the chance for editorial review. (I did pick the first gator pic in the file)

Joylene - No panic here. It is what it is. I'm sure there are lots of stores but BL fits a nice local niche since it's a St Augustine story. Reckless expands to the Bahamas & DR expands beyond that. Guess I'm claiming new territory little by little. I'm still going to try promotion & sales. But I think I'll wait to release Reckless until we're settled. Vegetables? As long as they're not green....

Ronnie said...

Moving was my middle name for a long long time. You and Deb will adjust and gain a new and broader audience.
I'm all for that gator bait Everglades angle. Throw some environmentalists in there for fun.

JaxPop said...

Hey Ronnie - We don't have to pack & move, we'll get a condo & rent furniture. St Augustine on weekends or vacation. Using environmentalists as gator-bait sounds like a good idea. Won't win me many friends but it would be funny. Maybe they could lose a limb? Finger? Okay - maybe just a close call.

Kate said...

Nervy gal, that wife of yours, to get up close to that gater!

zaib said...
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