Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ghosts N' Guests

This has been a wacked out week. We have some friends in town (Sean & Mary from Indy). They have a condo nearby. Naturally I'm swamped with work & some not-so-great things that need taken care of this week & it has rained for a solid 2 days with 2 to go. Mary mentioned a new book that she bought from another St Augustine author (Randy Cribbs). It's about ghosts & The Old Jail (I haven't read it yet). Well now my writing has stalled 'cause I recently completed a few chapters in Reckless about the haunted Old Jail. Guess a re-write is on the way. It's a shame 'cause it wasn't bad stuff. All that studyin' & research wasted! We even had pictures.... like this one.

So it's no secret that I like ghost stories n' pirates n' the beach. Stop yawning - it's impolite. I mentioned Sean & Mary (from Indy - where they race cars), but left out the fact that they're part-time ghost hunters (http://tpioindiana.blogspot.com) & go by the name Paranormal 911. They've got all the gear & had previously provided me with the research material about ghost chasin' equipment for my now-ruined Old Jail couldabeenamasterpiece chapters. They were at our house Saturday night & we all thought it would be cool to set up the recorder, EVP thing & rods n' stuff. Yikes, some freaky stuff started happenin' right away. The rods pointed & crossed when Mary was askin' questions & then.... IT .... wanted to "talk" to Deb.

I wasn't 'scairt'. I think I've run into ghosts before. Maybe. Here's a picture of one from the lighthouse taken by me. That's not the moon in the upper left either - the I see dead people experts call that an orb. (This was taken the same night that the moon in the trees photo was taken - see blog header pic). Can you see the shape near the bottom? It's not doctored at all. Really.

Back to Mary & Sean (Did I mention they're from Indy - which is near Indiana. Lots of corn out in those parts, but not much sand. Kinda sad when you think of it that way.) They took some audio of the events in my not-previously haunted home & there were 2 words on that audio that sent a chill up my spine. "DUCT TAPE". Makes me sweat just writin' about it. Ya see, I have at least 2 dozen rolls of duct tape in the garage - neatly stacked in a cabinet above a table saw. It's my stash. No one can touch it... but IT knows it's out there... & probably wants some..... maybe wants to tape my wrists & ankles together & levitate me to the lake & dump me in with the gators .... or maybe he has something that needs to be repaired. I don't think they have a Home Depot or Lowes "On The Other Side" ....


Sean B. & Mary B. said...

I think as long as you keep that spirit supplied in duct tape, he's gonna be one happy camper! I'm not sure what it is about men and duct tape, but it would seem that he who dies with the most rolls wins! It's one of Sean's most favorite things in the world! Keep up the great work on this blog. We love it! Mary and Sean

Careann said...

I'm not big on ghosts myself but they make for some good stories.

Personally I think you should leave your Old Jail chapters alone. It sounds like a historical location that people visit all the time. I imagine the underlying stories (yours and Cribb's) are totally different so just because he has mentioned the jail in his doesn't mean it can't serve a purpose in yours, too. Right? (And I recommend you not read Cribbs' until after you've completed yours.)

JaxPop said...

Hey Mary & Sean - I'm updating the blog - We gotta get together again as aoon as I'm up to it (I have to work tomorrow - not sure how I'll get through that let alone handle a meeting). I'm feelin' a little woozy - more pain than I expected. I asked the doc when he finished with the stitches if he was gonna stick bolts in my neck.

Careann - I agree on all points. Ghosts have their place - just in stories & tall tales. I'm going to leave the Old Jail chapters alone & won't read Randy's book until Reckless is ready to go. My stuff is for kids anyway & everything is totally made up. Thanks, as usual, for the helpful support & suggestions. (Please excuse spelling or other language butchery tonight) Ha!! Dave

Ronnie said...

I am officially caught up. What's with the stitches? Nothing serious I hope.
The ghost photo was good. Looks like two ghosts. A little one behind the big one.
Take it easy. Sounds like you're due for a little down time.

Careann said...

I gather from your comments that you've had a little butchery of your own performed. Hope you're getting lots of TLC and will feel fully recovered very soon.

BTW, love the new look here! Very dark and mysterious.

Joylene Nowell Butler said...

I lived in a haunted house with 2 roommates. The place was definitely creepy when any of us were alone. We finally called up to the university and asked them to send somebody. They didn't. So, we moved.

Great post, Dave. Hope you get caught up.

JaxPop said...

Joylene - If you ever run into ghosts again just call Paranormal 911 - the link is on my blog page!