Friday, May 8, 2009

Cruisin' Highway A1A

I had a late afternoon appointment in Ponte Vedra today so I took the scenic route home - namely Highway A1A. It's a great ride & there's lots to see - the ocean on one side, the intracoastal waterway on the other, fabulous gated mansions, &, by my count anyway, 4 strategically placed Starbucks (between Jax Beach & St Augustine). I think they (Starbucks) did a local bladder capacity study to pinpoint these locations. If you're ever on the east coast of Florida & see this sign - jump on this road.

Here's a map. Don't wanna lose anyone on this post.

If you're going south toward our house - look left.....

Here's an aerial photo that I borrowed. If you read BAD LATITUDE, you can see lots of the places I described (sort of) in this photo - like the Matanzas Bay, the inlet, the old town, Vilano, Anastasia Island, etc....

The ocean, in most areas, is pretty close to the intracoastal - Pop & Nan live on
A1A, but on the intracoastal side facing the road & dunes, not on the ocean. I get so many emails about 'The Rackham Estate' - I'm thinkin' about listing the 10 most popular questions or comments in a future blog post. I'm sure the house is near the top of the list. I'm not posting the address.

The TPC Championship is underway this week, in Ponte Vedra at Sawgrass (also on A1A) Tiger Woods, Phil Mickleson & all of the big name PGA golf pros are playing. This is the clubhouse - not too shabby. This is the course with the famous 17th "island" green.

Here's one of my favorite local spots - South Beach Grill. Just returned from SBG about an hour ago in fact. It's on the ocean - on A1A. Me n' Deb always sit outside, chillin' out & watchin' the waves. I highly recommend the Mahi. I would mention the Key Lime Pie but sometimes Deb reads my blog & I don't wanna stir up any diet talk.

Given the choice between living on the ocean side or the intracoastal side of A1A - most would choose the ocean, because of the view & easier beach access (though we are allowed to drive & park on our beaches - which makes it easy). The Rackham's live on the intracoastal side - 'cause they have some really cool boats, a huge boathouse & they really like this view from the backyard..... Follow the clues, Chapter One page 6 is a start.

So... maybe it's not on the ocean, but, for the Treasure Huntin' Rackham clan... it'll do .....


Careann said...

Looks like a gorgeous route. We're on the Pacific west coast here and I love the ocean. But except for specific beach areas, ours is a mostly a rugged coastline... inevitable, I guess, since we're nestled into the Coast Mountain range.

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Very cool! I LOVE seeing the places I read about.
And now you have me craving key lime pie.

joseph said...

Cool blog...glad I found you..after you had visited me I clicked on the link.

Awesome photos and it makes me really want to take a drive to Florida..or a flight and rent a car and drive :)

JaxPop said...

Gotta love da beach. Watched the shuttle launch today - very cool but it's a very dangerous mission.

Careann - Rugged is great. Tough on bare feet I'd imagine.

Becky - All real places!!! Key Lime Pie n' Jimmy Buffett n' lotsa sand.

Joseph - Glad you stopped by. It's only a 90 minute flight from Nashville to Jax. We're 90 miles south of the airport - closer (20 minutes) to Daytona. My wife takes most of the pictures that get posted here.

Sean B. & Mary B. said...

Had to stop in and get caught up on what you've been writing here. Okay...I can't keep my mouth shut, I KNOW the Key Lime Pie at SBG is to die for! And I'm planning to eat a piece of it or two after we arrive on Friday. Of course, since our condo is right next to the place, I may be sneaking over there every day for something or other!!! You and Deb will have to kill the diet while we are down there. LOL!!!!!!! See you soon.

Joylene Nowell Butler said...

The pics are fabulous. I was just a little south of that so I can really relate to the weather. Beautiful.

Oh, I watched the Masters while I was in paradise. Tiger will get his groove back in no time.

JaxPop said... far behind this week... (& I'm totally exhausted)

Mary & Sean are in town (they're ghosthunters!) & me n' Deb will be meetin' up with them this weekend.

Joylene - I think I saw your plane fly over us as you were going from Jamaica to Canada. My boys are teaming up for a company golf tournament in late May. Mike won it last year without Chris' help & Chris is the better golfer of the 2(Mike's boss hates to lose - so this could get ugly.) I stopped playing when my back troubles started. No big deal. I was pretty lousy at it - but I could throw a nine iron 200 yards.

Ronnie said...

BEAUTIFUL and fascinating post. Enjoyed it very much. Your throwing the nine iron comment cracked me up. Joe sold his clubs on the course the last time he played. Then the guy said, "The shoes. How much for the shoes." Joe walked back to the clubhouse in socks.

JaxPop said...

Ronnie - I can think of at least 3 times where I decided "If the ball won't clear the water - neither should this club" - fish food.

When Christopher started beating me - that was it - no more golf. He was 7 by then.... Okay, maybe 9