Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Muse Is Loose

Can't believe I haven't posted on the blog for 2 whole weeks. Well, yes I can. I haven't been able to write anything lately. After a couple of weeks staring at a blank computer screen, the Muse FINALLY returned & I'm back to crankin' away on RECKLESS ENDEAVOR, the sequel to BAD LATITUDE. My Muse, his name is Mickey, smokes cigars. He's not related to that goody-two-shoes rodent in Orlando. Okay - so he's on the young-ish side & he's probably not gonna grow up to be a healthy Muse, but right now - at this very moment - I don't care. I'm finally getting some words down & the story is flowing faster than my two fingers can type. Sometimes I use three - thumb on the space bar should count as a finger.

I don't want to be rude, but I hafta cut this post short. Pop is gettin' very impatient waiting for me to finish describing ....

What? Okay! Okay! Sorry.

He just told me to stop blabbin' & get back to work. I left the poor old guy tuggin' on a stern line & he's a bit winded. I need to finish writing this scene so he can rest up for the next chapter. He's anothe cigar smoker with an attytood.

Sheesh, I tellya if he keeps complainin' like this, I'm gonna bump him off.


Rebecca Ramsey said...

Your muse scares me a little.
But I'm glad he's back!

Careann said...

1700+ words in five hours AND a new blog entry! Well done! I'd say your muse is definitely smoking (and I don't mean just a cigar). :)

Joylene Nowell Butler said...

I need a muse. Granted, we are getting ready to make a trip, and there are so many things to do in preparation. But if I'm going to be honest, I have to admit my muse has been absent for a few weeks now. I've even been faking it.

Maybe I should just let my muse go on a holiday too?

I'm glad your muse is back, Dave. Keep writing.

JaxPop said...

Becky - Mickey's not as scary as me I can tellya.

Careann - Since the 1700 words - I've been on a roll - somewhere between an additional 4500 - 5000 words. I'd like to have the first draft of this book finished by the end of next week.

Joylene - Muchas Gracias. I'm sure there's plenty to do getting ready for the trip. Visit gallows point (or Rackham Cay) - you might see my characters when you're there. They happen to be heading that way.

Anonymous said...

If letting my Muse light up even a cigarette or two would prompt her to force 5000 words out of me, I'd give it a try but we're non-smokers around here. Must be why my daily output (when I'm writing at all) is rarely more than 1200 words. Glad to hear you're on a roll. Keep that Muse happy but don't let the smoke get in your eyes. It smarts somethin' awful!

Ronnie said...

OOO. What a good muse. I like him. I think I need to trade mine in on something like this. He looks to be about 2. These types can be unbendable hellions that throw superb fits. A good muse to have.
I am waaaaay happy for you, guy.
My word verification for today is
Toxess. A good name for my new muse!