Friday, April 10, 2009


Hands, Back, Legs, all killin me' (us). I think we need to move to a condo. We downsized the planting beds last year when we had about 4000+ square feet of sod put down - but there's still too much. Yesterday was spent planting Hibiscus, pruning Palm & Oak trees, planting new annuals, etc ... still leaving us at least a few days work for mulching (about 300 bags), & fertilizing the citrus & palm trees. On top of this, we planted new palms on the porches to replace Ficus trees that we lost during a bad frost. (We've even got trees INSIDE the house. Do ya have any idea what a pain that is?) Gettin' too old for this nonsense.

A landscape guy walked up to me in the front yard & asked if I'd be interested in getting a price from him for planting & mulching. (I probably looked exhausted. Crawling on all 4s with a shovel in my hand probably gave that away.)
Naturally, I said, "Nah, Thanks anyway. We always do this stuff ourselves."
"Looks like a lot of work" he said (& he didn't look out in the back yard!). He handed me his card & walk to his truck. (I think I heard the word 'dope' muttered.)
Deb thought I should let him gimme a price to which I replied "I'd never pay someone else to do something that I can do myself!"
To which she replied - "Does this mean you're getting rid of the lawn guys?"
I changed the subject. I ain't doin that stuff.

Here's a picture of some of what we planted. (This pic was taken just before I fell in the garage & cracked my head on the concrete.)

The good thing that comes from all this work? Deb gets to take some great photos. I think she should put her art 'out there' but she's just too shy - so I'm posting some of her pics (check out the Manatees from a post in early March). Guess you could call this post a 'nudge'. I think she's got some talent. Send letters & telegrams to tell 'er to get busy. Maybe she could make a few bucks at it & help finance this ongoing botany exercise.


Rebecca Ramsey said...

Gorgeous pics, Deb! Go for it!

Jaxpop, you poor thing. My muscles ache just reading this post!

Careann said...

You cracked your head on the concrete? Ouch!! How did that happen?

I'll be joining the "aches and pains" brigade shortly, now that spring has finally arrived here. Your plantings sound much more exotic than the winter debris cleanup I have to do. The heavy snowfalls broke a lot of our shrubs, the deer ate others, the lawns are full of moss, the deck needs powerwashing, etc., etc. Home ownership has its pitfalls. I think I'd break down and pay someone to do the nastier tasks if only I didn't resent giving away money that I'd rather spend on more plants!

And yes, Deb's photos are wonderful. She ought to consider creating a coffee table book. Two writers in the family are always better than one. :)

JaxPop said...

Becky - I'm all recovered, 'til the mulching starts. Took a break today (but I'm still writing away here at 2AM). Does Sam still speak to you after posting that photo of him with the sword? He must be a good-natured soul.

Careann - I had broken down a bunch of boxes & had them flat on the floor so I could prep them for the recycling guys. I walked over the boxes (instead of around) to get to my workbench & they slid out from under me. Bang! A 7.0 EARTHQUAKE. It was more a blow to my ego than anything. BTW - Deb doesn't like the beach photo that I included. Says it's an ugly one. Hey, I liked it &...uh, it's my blog.

Y'all have a nice Easter.

Anonymous said...

My favorites are the rose and the one two pics below it, with the rain or dew drops on it.

Ronnie said...

Hey Dave!
Man, Spring is so beautiful and I love looking at it but the yard work is near suicidal at my age. Joe told me yesterday that we were shifting back to pine straw mulch instead of the dark oak stuff, because it was too hard to shovel. My head must have spun around three times and my eyes shot out of their sockets, because I'm the one that does the shoveling!!! Hey,whatever. Sounds real good to me!
I'll bet your place is beautiful and it is hard to give up all that stuff. It is rewarding and also brag worthy, but when your back is aching and your hands can't hold your coffee cup the next morning, it's time to surrender a bit.
Deb's work is beautiful and definitely saleable. Those close ups are hard to do. I vote yes! Go Deb. Great new dapper photo of yourself too.
Take care around boxes.

JaxPop said...

Jenn - We talked about startng a rose garden - we have a few in the front of the house. The thorns are a nasty.

Hi Ronnie - I'm dreading the mulch. I've got to send you the picture of a peacock that she took yesterday.