Monday, February 16, 2009

Outdoor Antibiotics

Okay - so it hasn't been a well kept secret that I've been battling some kind of flu & respiratory thing for several weeks. Now Deb has it. We're a great combination these days - She can't talk & I can't hear. I was joking with my ghost-hunter friend Mary from Indianapolis (on Facebook), that Deb starts every sentence now with "HUH?" - just to get it outta the way. So what's the worst part of a month-long misery? Take out of the equation the fact that I am the world's worst patient. Baby I can whine like a toddler. Forget the writing. No way to concentrate. I've tried & just get crankier. Homelife? We take turns - whoever feels better at a given time does what needs to be done. We haven't accomplished anything beyond routine chores or shopping. No appetites.

I think our biggest frustration is just feeling house-bound. I've been going to work, which may be one reason for this condition to be prolonged, so I get a break in some sense. The problem is, we both enjoy the outdoors - any activity outdoors. The beach, downtown St Augustine, the water, the parks, the lighthouse - that's what we do. Deb takes pictures & I get ideas. Her pictures are always better than my ideas.

So, a couple of weeks ago, when I was only slightly miserable, we went to Blue Springs to check out some water logged BEASTIES. It was a good morning. Hope we have some more of these soon before I go loony.

Here's a 'herd' of manatees. There were almost 200 when we were there. They were trying to stay in the warm spring water (72 degrees). Below 60 - for any prolonged amount of time & they die.

Coming up for a breath of fresh air. I forget how to breathe through my nose.

Wonder why these things were also called mermaids???

A hawk blending in with the surroundings

My favorite pic - A great Blue Heron (we have paintings of these birds)

Okay - that's enough. I'm feelin' cranky again.


Mark LaFlamme said...

Killing me! You're killing me! Where can I get an I HEART Florida T-shirt?

Anonymous said...

That picture of the Hawk, is that that scary tree in your back yard?

I got kinda nervous when I went to the border of your property line...I swear I heard the sounds of pigs being sacrificed.

Mike E.

Every Day Bloggers said...

You live in a fascinating place. Course, I shouldn't take my moose, bears and eagles for granted.

You need a hot-springs. Don't suppose there are any down your way? I'm ashamed to admit I don't know. Swamps, eh?

Ronnie said...

Glad to have you back among the living and probably the breathing through the nose soon. That respiratory crud can be brutal.
Deb's photos are beautiful. Manatees are gentle dears. Thanks for the vicarious Florida outing, DAve!
Rest and drink plenty of fluids.
Take it easy.

Sean B. & Mary B. said...

Wow....I love the "press" we have gotten! ;) Hope you and Deb are feeling better by now. The FL trip is official now after I snaggedd $50/each way tickets on SW today. We'll be in ST.A May 15 to May 25. You'll have to let us know where to find the manatees! I don't think Sean has ever seen one that wasn't on a FL license plate!

JaxPop said...

Mark - Your a Royals fan heading to Arizona. Switch teams & we'll hang out w/ the Phils & the "BUDS" at the left field Tiki Bar. The water in the Gulf this time of year is a deep emerald green & real calm. Blue on the Atlantic side - & nicer white sand. I gotta bottle opener around here somewhere.

Mikey - That tree is nothin' compared to the creepy one out back. The pigs are a problem. They have these big old tusks that can tear ya up. Between gators & wild pigs - I hate takin' the trash out at night. That's why we all tote guns around like rednecks. Lil' bacon - lil' gator tail... nobody notices the sound of gunshots... just fetchin' vittles y'all.

Joylene - We've got eagles & black bears. No moose - mice? - meece? mooses? The deer down here are little - 'bout the size of a Great Dane. Gotta be careful along the banks of the swamps. You have to look for signs of 'dragging' or nests so the gators don't getcha. There are some hot springs down here - more in nearby Georgia. There's nothin' like sittin' at the edge of a swamp - watchin' beady red eyes stare at ya - the sound of skeeters buzzing in your ears like 747s & snakes slithering across yer ankles. We got lots of them thar snakes too.

Ronnie - You have Manatees in St Mary's dontcha??? Deb is talented with the camera & patient enough to wait for the right shots. I'm drinkin' now. Whut? Iced Tea!! Thanks for the 'get better wishes' I'm feeling a lot better & hoping Deb recovers soon. CVS has us posted on this month's customer appreciation wall.

Sean & Mary - I thought y'all were going to be here from the 15th thru Memorial Day. The manatees are about 45 minutes away (where the springs are super clear). You can see them in the St Johns River but not usually in big numbers. Best time to seee them in groups is when it's cooler - between November & April. That's when they migrate to the springs where the water stays constant.

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Wow! What an amazing place to live.
I hope you're feeling better!
Have you tried a humidifier?

JaxPop said...

Hi Becky - Yeah I'm doing better - hope to be 100% by the weekend. I should have taken time off from work instead of pressing on like I did. That probably prolonged it. There's definitely a lot to see & do down here. It's only dull if we decide to be dull (or sick). Hope you & your gang are well.

Carrie Harris said...

We've got the creeping crud here too... hope you get some rest this weekend and are feeling better!

Anonymous said...

Hope you're both feeling better by now!

JaxPop said...

Hi Carrie & Jenn - We're about 90% better - thanks for the good wishes & encouragement - YIKES What a MONTH!!! Jenn - My son says it's been really cccccccold up there near Philly (he lives in West Chester) & Carrie - You were heading to Indiana??? Just in time to meet up with a really lousy weather pattern. Hope you both get a break from that cold & snowy stuff soon.

Sheila said...

I'm fighting it, too. Hope it doesn't hang around for as long as your bout has. Sorry to hear that your wife caught it too.
Great pictures! I wanna hang out with you guys!

JaxPop said...

Sheila - I hope you get over it fast. This has been ridiculous. Thought we'd had it beat but parts of it still hanging on. Wipes out all energy. Deb has a real eye for photography. I'd even like to see her take it to another level. She's also very cool, down to earth, fun to hang out with & much nicer, smarter, & better lookin' than me. I lucked out. She got shortchanged big-time.