Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Blob of A Blog?

Part of the original movie 'The Blob' starring newbie actor Steve McQueen was filmed in my old hometown of Downingtown (affectionately called D'Town) Pennsylvania. The diner, where the climactic scene was shot, is still there with the sign out front that proclaims "Home Of The Blob". Doesn't make the food sound particularly appetizing to someone unfamiliar with the history of the joint. "Hey - gimme a 'blob' of mashed potatoes willya...." Steve McQueen turned in a pathetic first time performance, but he improved &, eventually, became an icon. Proof, I suppose, that there's hope out there for everyone with the determination & guts to pursue their dreams.

I've been trying to figure out the purpose of blobbing... I mean blogging. There are some blogs that are very instructional. Others provoke debate, sometimes even nasty arguments. Some are just plain entertaining.

So.... I've been thinkin', maybe too much, about the whole thing. Is it worth it to maintain a blog, Facebook, MySpace, etc.? I know I've sold some books through JaxPop & FaceBook & I've made some cool friends, but....maybe I'm just polluting cyberspace with this drivel.

There's nothing instructional on my blog. I'm not qualified as a writing 'coach' or book promotion wizard. I don't get into politics (though I have strong opinions). There's nothing particularly interesting about me as an individual - I'm just an average Joe, I mean, average JaxPop. My posts aren't enlightening, inspiring, entertaining or provacotive.

What direction should I take? Pull the plug & put my energy into something new? Tie it in more with the book & the characters? Keep doing what I've been doing?

Anyone have any ideas or suggestions.... heck..... even questions? Hey y'all - I'm all ears (even though I still can't hear out of 'em.)


ReNu said...

No, you're not polluting cyberspace. Don't you stop blogging!

Thank you for your comments. I regret throwing away my first work now. I'm extremely sorry for giving you a fright with the Stones :D Was it Start me up? Lol, hope the chair isn't damaged. I was sick of Evanescence which I think is what women writers listen to, so it's all older rock. Sorry again. I'll put a warning in my next post.

Btw, where's the "Follow this blog" link on your blog?

Ronnie said...

This is going to take some thought. I high order for me.
I've been wondering this same thing regarding my own blogging.
Today, your blog is thought provoking.

PJ Hoover said...

I love blogging for the network of friends I've developed with it. I look forward to interacting with my cyber friends.
Facebook I love because I can connect with people with very little time involved. Plus I've managed to re-connect with friends from my childhood.
MySpace creeps me out. I have a page, but that's about it.

JaxPop said...

ReNu - Dunno where the "Follow This Blog" link is? I'm not the brightest bulb on the porch with this computer stuff - so I'll hafta look into it. Don't throw away old work. I at least save my first drafts - I smack my head when I read 'em but it's cool to see the improvement.

Ronnie - WOW - Thought provoking! It's kinda true though - there has to be some purpose. I'm kickin' some things around.

PJ - I agree FB is good 'cause it's quick hits. Haven't even looked at MySpace in ages. I learn from other blogs - but can't say that I have much to offer in that department. It is cool connecting with other writers or people that appreciate art (check out Ronnie's paintings - awesome) & books.

Joylene Nowell Butler said...

The thing is, you have an unique take on the world that is uniquely yours. Use your blog to express yourself, your thoughts on all those endless issues, or use it as a legacy for your kids and their kids and so on and so forth.

Seriously, don't quit, Dave. Yours is not to reason why... maybe?

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Oh please. You can't go!
The blogging world needs a man with such perfect teeth!

Seriously, I'd be very sad.

JaxPop said...

Becky - I guess you saw my comment on Nathan's blog. Ain't you tricky. At least I mentioned that I'm friends with 2 of his awesome clients. (You & Jenn)

Joylene - Yes - I'm weird... I mean unique. One son reads the blog - the other, once in a blue moon.

Careann said...

Do stick around. Don't worry about who reads it. Just write for yourself and we'll all enjoy the side benefits. :)

Anonymous said...

I once talked about this question (whether to blog, and about what) here, so I'll just link rather than repeating myself:


steve r said...

keep on rockin in the free world!people like it! u got a great style and its refreshing u dont preach politics maybe make it more interacrive and some wild topics