Saturday, January 24, 2009

It's This Guy's Fault

I hate bad news - even when it's sorta/kinda bad news. Last night I got the following email from a very good friend. He's the one that convinced me to move to Florida. It's printed word for word below:

I will be returning to my home base in LA. ----- Lower Alabama. I need some down time for the grey matter. I have already been recruited by another firm out here, but I want some time to decompress. Denise and I gave each other a trip to Costa Rica for a month for our 25th annniversary. Soon after I get home, we're off again. It's been a good run here, but it's time to explore something else. --- Like different. I'm considering getting into alternate energy construction, as I haven't done that. Would also make me feel good that I would be helping the planet. California has rubbed off on me. Will definitely keep you posted. May also end up back in St. Aug. Who knows. Just need time to evaluate the future and chill.


In Pennsylvania, we worked as a team for tha same company, building buildings. Our old boss always referred to us as the 'A' team. Our projects were always wildly successful. His house was 10 minutes away from mine. We each had houses at the beach also 10 minutes apart. We're the same age. Poked his head in my office one day & informed me, as I was tied up on the phone, that he was moving to Florida - left me hangin' that time. 2 weeks later he started buggin' me to move down here. The following March, we made the move. Oddly enough, his house is on the island, again 10 minutes from mine. 6 months after we arrived, he left for San Diego to build the 40 story building pictured above (he's a surfing fanatic & surfs Laguna Beach every day after work). He called me from his car on the way to California wanting us to head to SoCal. You don't move 30 days after settling on a house - besides, I like where I live & work. It would have been a cool job just the same. (Note: He mentions Alabama - he has an investment property in Gulf Shores.)

His building is done &, in a few weeks, as is common in the construction industry & in this economic environment, he will become a statistic in the lost job category.

I guess it might be too much to hope that the 'A' team could be reassembled one day. It would be like one last ride for Butch & Sundance. We ain't gettin' any younger but we can still handle the tough jobs - & still make it look easy.

So....If it weren' for Scott, me n' Deb wouldn't be in Florida, wouldn't have started writing & there would be no book called Bad Latitude & I would never have even thought about blogging. Funny how things work out. Owe ya one dude....

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Ronnie said...

Oh, good friendships. So rare. You guys are lucky men. Gulf shores isn't that far.
I hope to get to know your book by days end. Youngest son is meeting us
tonight to try to figure sponsors for his run in the TDI racing cup. I hope I have the energy after that.