Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Did It Come With A Manual???

Does it really take an Einstein to set up a computer, build a website, transfer data without quadruplicating it (sorry Deb - you'll be done in a few months) or add links???? I mean, this is tedious stuff, but then... well, maybe I'm a moron. Ask someone how much to build a website & you always get an hourly rate..... but no cap on the expected time. 'Okay dude - here's my wallet, check book & keys to my lock box at the bank." Well, I decided to make it all easier by upgrading our technology. My computer IQ may not be so great ... but I am the master of ingenious solutions when it comes to cost effective problem solving. Who needs this guy???

So the other day, since Deb's laptop has been dying a slow death, we broke down & bought the latest & greatest supercomputer that money can buy. Well, latest & greatest that I could afford. Got this one at a special going out of business GE sale. Granted, it's not really portable & it is slower than some, & it does put out a tremendous amount of heat, & requires a special raised floor.... but the deal we got.... whoa baby! I negotiated my butt off & got an extra 5% off PLUS free delivery to my .... uh... driveway. I didn't even let that guy talk me into the extended warranty. (Guess he thought he had a 'live' one.) The contractors should be ready by Thursday for the moving company to shove it through that big hole in the back wall.

Okay - I realize it's not wireless...duh!!... but you can download pictures in under 10 minutes, maybe even faster if we add another 200 amp service. It also puts out (I'm told) a very soothing train-like sound. I'm not sure why they recommended adding the vibration pad or the steel attic beams, but, hey, I saved big on this sucka. Uh oh... I'd better end this post, Deb's callin' from the other room. She's been on hold with Comcast since Saturday & might need a glass of water ... or somethin.'

Anyway - Eechyer hearts out you blog following masses (both of you). Turn GREEN with envy. We are ready for real cyberstuff, or whatever you call it!

Nuts I forgot to get a printer....


Mark LaFlamme said...

I happen to know a woman whose not only stunningly beautiful, but brilliant at web design. She can be reached at c.dina@verizon.net. Her husband, a total stud, is pretty good with the geek end of things, such as links and uploads and all of that nerdy stuff. Ironically, he can be reached at my address.
Seriously, man. Love to help.

Careann said...

Oh my... I'm still laughing. Having just replaced ALL the computer equipment in our TWO home offices (it's a long story, but the insurance is forking over big time), I've spent countless hours just trying to get everything back to a semblance of normal, so I could really relate. Great post! :)

Ronnie said...

You're too funny. More help at my nephew's site nutintuit.com

Started reading your book last night. I want to live with POP!

Sheila said...

Dave, you're SO good to your wife! She sure is one lucky girl. First, a funeral parlor, now this state of the art computer.

JaxPop said...

Been buried all day - late reply:

Mark - I'm thinkin' it's time to move forward & get your design pro on board. Trying not to think too much about the stud reference.

Careann - Thanks for visiting. I bought the book Windows Vista for Dummies - They were, apparently, out of stock on the one for REAL Dummies.

Ronnie - Pop's got a pretty cool set up. I'll have to at least post a picture of the entry gates to the Rackham Estate (one of these days).

Sheila - If I keep screwin' up her picture files - I'll need the funeral home. I still think it would be cool to stay for the night in an abandoned funeral home. Somethin' with a PINK ROOM upstairs. I dunno about Deb's luck - I know I'm lucky to have her...

liquidambar said...

Is your new computer, by any chance, named HAL?

"She's been on hold with Comcast since Saturday & might need a glass of water ... or somethin.'"
Your call is very important to them. Please continue to hold and an operator will be with you shortly, certainly no later than the Ides of March.

Jenn H.

JaxPop said...

Jenn - I loaded 1800 of Deb's pictures from her laptop (with at least that many left to go) - I must have done something way wrong - everything went in multiplied by 4 - Maybe they cloned themselves. What was the name of that sheep that they cloned????

By the way - I gotta mop the floors this weekend (our house is mostly tile). I'm gonna pay special attention to the sounds & try to give you a report.