Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Word Addiction

I'm obsessed with words - written ones anyway.

No matter where I go I have a book. At the first pause in whatever I'm doing, especially when I'm waiting for something or someone - I read. This gets expensive since I consume 2 or 3 books per week, on average. At night it's a review of my favorite blogs (I have cut down a bit) - sometimes I comment, sometimes not.

Then there's writing - My second MS is cracking along & I keep tweaking & polishing my first (there's always something to change - even if it's subtle - see 1st picture) & have several ideas scribbled out for others. The beach is one of my favorite editing (& reading) spots. My biggest problem is quitting at a reasonable hour to get some sleep - I get up at 5AM.

I also like to "write" messages in the sand for the kids & grandkids - take pictures & then email them. (Deb likes to spell everything out with little shells - I don't have that kind of patience.)

I first suspected that this was becoming a sickness when I started powerwashing messages onto the driveway for Jack & Belly. And then there's my blog - which isn't read by too many folks - but that's OK.

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