Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Homeowner's Associations & Pink Flamingos

How do ya like our new pink flamingos? We're gonna put them in the front yard to make a statement. OK, these guys are alive so we'll need to get plastic ones. OK, that won't work either - Deb doesn't like plastic pink flamingos.

We, like many folks, live in a community that has a 'Homeowner's Association'. It seems to me that most of these self appointed useless blowhards on these boards are typically frustrated middle management types that have no one to boss around during the day.

Our neighborhood is very nice & we live in a nice home. Everyone around us seems to do a good job on the maintenance of their property & no one, that I know of, does anything particularly obnoxious or annoying. The HOA board members have the monopoly on obnoxious & annoying. They now have an 'architectural review board' to whom all residents must submit plans and request permission before proceeding with ANY changes to the physical structure, landscaping or even colors (after genuflecting?). Helloooo....? We're talkin' about a couple doctors, a dentist, a retired broker .... no one that knows diddly about architectural features. Aaaarrghh.

The last 'newsletter' quoted one of the board members on the topic of lawns ..."I'm not expecting lawns to look like golf courses but ...." Gimme a break. This chucklehead is on a BOARD!!! Where does he come off using the word "I"? They probably all wear black robes & white wigs when they get together so they can feel more "IN CHARGE". Bunch of socialists.

It may sound as though I have had a run in with these bozos. That would not be true. Since I'm not planning to paint the house purple or add a lean to off the front porch, I probably won't. I just can't stand people that are self important, so it's time for pink flamingos.

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