Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Becky Ramsey has a funny post about fool-proof child care on her blog 'Wonders Never Cease'. I had to laugh as it brought back to memory a story my mom told me many times. In all honesty, I don't think she should have shared it since she describes her own pretty weird 'attempted' method of child care, naturally involving me. (Being the oldest - I musta been the guinea pig.)

Me n' Deb stopped at 2 kids. (We quit while we were ahead some would say.) That was perfect for us & everything turned out great. They're grown up, on their own & doing well in the world. Whew!! Some folks are better able to deal with big families. My hat's off to 'em. It takes lots of work.

Anyone considering adding 'littluns' to the thriving nest - think it through carefully. Times have changed!!! Not that it would be a bad thing.... but.... just think about it - Dat's all I'm sayin'.

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