Monday, February 7, 2011

Hangin' Out

I've been just kinda hangin' out lately, doin' research on a buncha stuff that's gonna be in the next book, which is already underway. The picture above is from The Old Jail in St Augustine. The jail provides a fun chapter location in RECKLESS for one of the "adventures". It was also necessary to do some readin' up on how hangings were carried out, since that's how Calico Jack Rackham met his end in 1720. That little detail doesn't stop him from visiting his young descendant.

Right now I'm into Aztecs, jungles, and caves.... with a few twists, of course. I'll need some first hand cave experience, you know, for realism's sake, so there's gotta be a trip in our future (get your camera ready, Deb!). Maybe after the pirate invasion in Tampa later this month. In the meantime, I'm doing my usual poor job of marketing & promotion, in the weeks leading up to the release of the latest Jack Rackham Adventure - might be on Kindle & Nook in a week, not sure.    

Well, I've been kinda quiet lately but I ain't just sittin' around.


Carol J. Garvin said...

Doing research and percolating ideas are definitely considered 'doing something' in the writer's realm. There are times when I can be dozing and daydreaming, and if I were called on it I could say I was working on a plot! Who's going to argue with me?

Your pictures are great! I agree, a field trip with camera in hand is called for. I'll bet Deb could get some fantastic shots in the caves.

Joylene Butler said...

I love hearing about your process. Thanks for taking me along on the journey. This sounds fascinating. Probably the only way I'm ever going to see this stuff is through your stories.

JaxPop said...

Hi Carol - I like doing the research, especially some of the travel & Deb takes some great pics. I have to admit - I usually only use 20% of the research material in the end, but it's great for ideas.

Hey Joylene - The process is as wacky as .... well, me. I don't think there's any part of the writing thing that I don't like, 'cept maybe the promotion.