Friday, December 31, 2010

Think I Need A Compass?

I'm not much for looking back & can't recall ever making New Year's resolutions, so I won't start now, but........

Going through files & docs, I noticed that the RECKLESS draft was pretty much done in 2009 & here it is only 3 hours from 2011 & it's still "not out" (waiting for the final cover art).  Guess that's partly due to working out of town. Also, in my defense, I did chop out a big portion of the book to use as a launching point for the next book, a story that I really like, resulting in a major rewrite of the ending for RE. (Hint: The ending for RECKLESS is, hmmmm, better not say anything yet.) 

So did I miss out on any opportunities? Maybe. Does it matter? Dunno. Can't do anything about it now. I'm a little late to the ebook party, but that'll change within the next week or two.

I allowed myself 10 minutes to think about 2010 - beyond 10 minutes, it's all a blur anyway. This time last year I was working out of the company's office in Jacksonville, griping every day about being stuck inside behind a desk, putting numbers together. We had bid a job for Amtrak that the 'Powers That Be' almost bailed out on 'cause they decided the job was too complicated. In the meantime, we were looking at a really lean year for moneymaking projects so the railroad project was muy importante. Poof! January arrived. We were awarded the Amtrak job that was too complicated to take on & the 'Powers That Be' designated me as 'The Guy' to do the job, which meant a 16 month gig out of town. Funny, nowadays, working out of the office doesn't seem like such a bad option. (I haven't seen my office for 50 weeks. Wonder what it looks like.)

For the most part, the blog's been on a yearlong hiatus, with the odd post thrown in from time to time - an artificial sign of life. Writing was hit or miss. Impossible at the hotel, slightly better at the condo, much improved at the little house that we rented. Promotion? ZERO. I couldn't do any book signings, cancelled plans for a couple of book festivals, & couldn't attend the FWA Writers Conference or the RPLA Awards Banquet. Perfect batting average on marketing overall.

Wonder what'll happen in 2011. I want to get the 3rd book out. I'd like to do some promotion. Blogging regularly again would be kinda cool. Finding a coupla beta readers might be a plus & losing 15 pounds couldn't be a bad thing. Well, I'm still not makin' any resolutions - 'cept to finish this project n' go home, to my real house. 

I wonder if I just need a compass. GPS? A set direction? A game plan? Map? Would these require makin' resolutions? Hope not.

How 'bout you? Any goals or resolutions rattlin' around in your cranium that you'll try to ignore?

Happy 2011.



Joylene Butler said...

Dave, I feel like you and everybody else: hoping and praying 2011 is doable, fair, and even a bit rewarding. Beyond that I'm looking at this stack of books I've got to read and I'm bound and determined to read them. No more lazy-Jo. I'm actually not thinking much about my book launch. Thinking about it gives me a bad belly ache. I'm hoping I lose 20 lbs, but I'm not counting on it. In a few weeks, I'll be living with a 65-year-old grandpa, so that'll be interesting; right now he's still a kid. I'm hoping there's benefits attached to being in the same house with someone that old. LOL.

Happy New Year, young fellow!

Carol J. Garvin said...

It's disconcerting how the months and years slip away on us. The past one was very different for you and I'm amazed you found time to get as much writing done as you did. I hope 2011 is going to be more "normal" for you (whatever normal means in your life).

As for me, I'm not much for resolutions either. There are a few things I'd like to accomplish... intentions that aren't cast in stone. I'll pursue what I started last year, sending out agent queries for one or two of my novels, write and submit more magazine articles in the hope that I'll be able to make enough $$$ to cover the fees for another conference, and just keep writing. The one thing I'd like to forget is getting the huge carton full of family photos scrapbooked, but I'm intending to at least make a start and maybe get the first album done. Nothing terribly ambitious, but I'd like to see some forward momentum happening. I'd rather not be standing in this same spot on January 1, 2012!

JaxPop said...

Joylene - One thing I managed to do was read ... a lot. Reworking RECKLESS took some time, but when the next story comes out (part of the heavy lifting is done) it'll be worth it. I hope. 65 doesn't sound so old, 'specially one that's kid-like. My planned book launch will probably be more of a fizzle. My vacation's over & I know what awaits in South Florida. Ugh!

Carol - The word normal, when it comes to my life, is an oxymoron. Luckily, hand - eye coordination hasn't faltered much so I manage to juggle, for the most part. I tried to help Deb organize her pics not long ago (speaking of scrapbooks) on her computer. She now has triples of lots of stuff & it's no easier to find now than it was before. I'm going to stick with self - pubbing. Not seeing the upside to the traditional method, especially the way publishing is going nowadays, but I hope you succeed with your queries & get your work out there for the rest of us to read & enjoy. I suspect your stuff is outstanding.