Monday, April 26, 2010

I Got Nothin'

I'm in the middle of a very intense out of town project for a huge railroad client & my writing life currently  resembles a train wreck. Seriously - I got nothin'.... & it's frustrating as ______ . Can't even edit.

RECKLESS hasn't been touched since February, though we're going through cover art drafts (now up to version number 6). The blog has been nearly abandoned. A few straggling comments here & there on FaceBook is about all I've managed. Another oddity - I usually read a couple of books per week, but I've been slogging through the same book for about a month. Finally reached the Epilogue today.

Well, no sense wasting time whining. Hopefully, my brain will re-engage soon. Maybe this post will be the first step in igniting the spark, the light at the end of the tunnel. Hmmmm.... On 2nd thought, that light's probably another train headed my way. 


Anonymous said...

I sometimes think we need a break from writing now and again. I mean, we write but there's more to life than writing, there has to be.

Last winter was a bit of a lost cause for me. Don't really know what was going on there but the past few weeks I actually feel as though I am making some writing progress. Sort of funny because I'm much busier now with other things in my life and now I'm feeling compelled to write. Go figure!

Maybe all the changes you're experiencing have thrown you off. I know it probably would me.

Kathryn Neff Perry said...

I know where your comin' from brother! Yesterday I was editing and CUT 2700 words from the manuscript! Talk about a train wreck. I was ready to throw myself in front of the train! All day I beat myself up, you're supposed to ADD to your word count, not subtract. My little brain kept trying to figure out how to use that giant section I cut----some days are just like that. You're either the bug or the windshield!

joylene said...

The fact you're able to blog about writing about nothing is amazing. And a little bit inspiring too. I'm going to try this trick on my own blog. Meanwhile, I'm watching for trains, and I'm not sure why.

It's good you're home safe and sound even if it's only a while.

JaxPop said...

Laura - I'm sure it's due to the change in surroundings, pressure on the job, being homesick. It's a different world here in South Florida - not laid back at all.

Katt - Cutting words is huge! Don't look at it like going backwards, you're filtering & streamlining. Your readers will appreciate your hard work - & sometimes tough decisions.

Joylene - I'll get through it. I'm lucky Deb is in my corner on everything. She's tolerating my long hours all alone in a strange place (nice place - not too close to where I'm working).
It's a tough job in a bad area - workers found a corpse on RR property today - 300 yards from where we're building. Foul play is suspected, judging by the number of Miami/Dade patrol cars.

Carol J. Garvin said...

Maybe there will be some "life experiences" there that you can incorporate into future stories. As Laura says, sometimes you just have to accept that life is throwing you bigger priorities to deal with and after a break you'll hopefully be ready to relaunch into your writing.

It's great to get at least this blog update. We loyal followers appreciate whatever bits you toss our way. ;)

JaxPop said...

Carol - Are you accusing me of shameless chumming??? Hah!
Hoping to get some relaxation time in soon - & take on some new (non-working) adventures. A friend just offered the use of his beachfront house in the Dominican Republic for a few weeks. Hmmm.... THAT might be hard to turn down - just need to find time. Have fun gallivanting.