Saturday, February 6, 2010

Today's Writing Tip Nonsense

    When faced with an 'Oh Crap' moment, a hopeless case of writer's block, or rejections, whaddya do?
     There's always a way out. Ya gotta be decisive! We can screw things up with no help! Be positive.

Take the plunge. Write something that everyone will hate, just because you know you can.
What could happen?

Overwhelmed with adverbs & similes? Go relax at the beach. Clear your head.

Uh oh.... not a good picture choice I guess.   

Take a deep breath (once the wave passes) & get your bearings... or do what I do.

Think about pirates.


Joylene Butler said...

Hey -- it's working. Thanks. I'm thinking about Johnny Depp! Wow, you're real smart, Dave! I feel better already!

Anonymous said...

Those photos really help get your point across, Dave..Wow! I REALLY like the photos..

Barbara Ann Wright said...

Now I'm thinking about Johnny Depp, too! Thanks, guys! ^_^

JaxPop said...

Joylene / Barbara - Johnny Depp.... hehehe.

Laura - The photos were emailed to me by a friend, though some of the captions weren't suitable for this blog. I will be posting something about Deb's photography soon. (Hint: She is now putting her photos on canvas.)

Carol J. Garvin said...

I think you're more profound that you might realize. Those 'Oh crap' moments can easily swamp us and doing something totally opposite to what we might normally do can help stimulate a fresh approach. But I don't know about those pirates. (And I'm SO not into Johnny Depp! Give me Harrison Ford any day.) I'm more a dog show person -- lotsa eccentric people and situations there for inspiration.

JaxPop said...

Carol - I was seriously joking. Does that make sense? If you've hit a block wall - just get silly. Have some fun - write something -short story - anything.
Ah pirates. I don't watch TV or many movies. Eccentric people? I work with plenty of them.

Joylene Butler said...

Dave, I'm presenting you with the Sunshine Award whether you like it or not. LOL. Pick it up at my blog anytime.

Ronnie said...

I agree, Joylene!
Give him the Sunshine Award!
Thanks for the Dave Ebright "lite" post, Dave. This helped cure my Winter blahhhhh. So did thoughts of Jack Sparrow.

JaxPop said...

Thanks for the award Joylene - I gotta get these things posted on the blog - so far behind on everything lately.

Ronnie - Winter blahs huh? It has been cloudy, cold or rainy here since Thanksgiving - seems like it anyway. Haven't been on the beach in ages! Hope it warms up soon - I ain't likin' this stuff. Saw the pic of your house with the snow. Yikes - snow in Atlanta - not good.

JaxPop said...

Follow up - I think the last time I was on the beach is when I took that new "profile" pic.

Anonymous said...

Stopping by from Gather to check out your work and your blog! Looks like fun! And I'm in Fort Myers (at least some of the time!)

Pat S. (shinythings)

JaxPop said...

Thanks for stopping by Pat. Trust me, you will learn very little about the craft of writing from this blog. Pretty useless really.