Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Cane Update

This is my version of a follow-up post.

Mike & the kids flew in Friday night - I managed (just barely) to drive to the airport. No hugs or kisses from Pop 'til we made it home - I crawled to the passenger seat, & thankfully, Mike drove from the airport to the house so I could get some relief. On Saturday I was able to move, for the most part, without the cane but we stayed close to home (& close to the ice packs). Pop (that would be me) managed to sneak away to buy a new grill. The timing sounds stupid, I know, but I hate putting them together & since Mike was here.....(See I ain't that stupid after all) Oh yeah, Pop also bought Jack a bike for the beach & Isabel became the proud owner of a 3 wheeler. See, Jackman knows me too well. He brought his helmet, but not his bike. Know what I'm sayin'? THAT is pure optimism.

As evening approached Mike & Deb ran out to buy fireworks. I'm not a fan. My mother scarred me for life telling me the same story year after year about Nicky Zubco blowin' off three fingers playin' with the firecrackers. Anyway, they get back & set up these rocket-things. Me, mental images of the Zubco kid suddenly refreshed, I'm fretting about where these suckers are gonna land & will my homeowner's insurance cover acts of undeclared war on my neighbors. Zip - First one lands in the neighbor's tree (I think). So I get the bright idea that I will stand at the end of my driveway & play lookout. (We have a very long driveway.) A little history - I gave up golf because of my bad back & my inability to see where that little white ball landed after my swing. Now these rockets are goin' off & I ain't seein' nothin' - just following the sound of the thuds as they drop around me.

Today we made it to the beach - Jack & Bel rode their bikes & had a blast - so I thought I'd post a few pics.

Jack conned me outta my favorite neckware. Ahhhh - looks better on him anyway.

Isabel was practicing her letters & inventing new words.

Belly is the Dorito princess. She always tells me "Nanny says I can have a special treat."

Jack was having a bad hair day. I'd like to have bad hair day.... just one more.

I tried to fix 'im up when we got home.....

He & Nanny thought it was funny .....

I printed this picture out for Jack - Told 'im it was his cousin.....


Ronnie said...

What cuties! I hope the back is feeling better or at least your concoction is doing the job.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear your back is allowing you to enjoy the grandchildren. It looks and sounds like everyone is having a wonderful visit. And what a great beach!

JaxPop said...

Ronnie - The meds help for sure & yeah, the kids are cuties - they take after their Nanny (not Pop) in that department.

Careann - The beaches here are incredible. Makes my commute worthwhile (exception being during back problems - maybe). Had a great visit. They're on their way home now.

Joylene Nowell Butler said...

Maybe your mum was related to mine. She kept reminding us of the time her brother dared her other brother to light two sticks and hold them while they went off. Yeah, he lost 3 fingers too!

Your mum's maiden name wasn't Desjardins BAC?