Monday, June 22, 2009


Sleep. What I wouldn't give for 6 uninterrupted hours of the stuff. Ain't happenin'.

I have to take a pill to knock me out. 1st hour - no problem, lights out. After that (seems like 60 minutes to the second!) it's all tossin', turnin', pillow fluffin', thinkin' about "stuff" - & taking lots of these

Exhaustion finally takes over & I sleep uninterrupted - for half an hour before the alarm goes off. I wake up with these -

I've tried everything - bought a ridiculously expensive mattress, purchased every variation of pillow imaginable, avoided caffeine after noon. Nuttin'! My ritual is always the same - I put my bottle of Rolaids on the end table, next to my iced tea (I use a bottle with a lid so I can't knock it over in the dark), turn the ceiling fan on, turn another fan (for noise) on high, take my knock out pill, read for 15 minutes, (I don't watch TV), & then crash...... for my hour-long ration of rest.

So I get home today, kiss Deb Hiya & ask "How was your day?"

Deb - "Fine - been doing laundry." Doesn't look as thrilled as usual to see me.

Deb - "What the HELL did you get all over the sheet & blanket last night?"

Sidebar - Deb has a thing for WHITE. She get's personalized Christmas cards from the folks at Clorox. When she buys new shirts (blouses?) they're usually white - she had 47 of 'em at last count. Typical shopping conversation would go like this:
Deb - "Look, I bought a couple new tops. Aren't they cute?"
Me - "They're white - right?"
Deb - "Yep"
Me - "Yeah - real cute."

So I'm tryin' to figure out what she's talkin' about when it hits me. My acid reflux had kicked into high gear. I was groggy - so I grabbed what I thought was the bottle of Rolaids, screwed the top off & tried to shake a few out. Instead, I grabbed the bottle of iced tea, & dumped it, in a shaking motion no less, all over my side of the bed (top sheet & blanket - white of course). A cold & rude awakening.

My routine is about to change - Deb says I'd better learn to like bottled water.


Anonymous said...

While I was having health issues last year I found I couldn't get a decent night's sleep. It took ages before my mind would turn off, and then as soon as I finally nodded off it seemed a coyote barked right under our bedroom window (tho' my DH didn't hear it), or my bladder called, or I remembered some undone chore like ironing a blouse (not white... never white... I can't keep a white one clean for ten seconds) that simply wouldn't wait until morning. It was infuriating. I finally quit fighting it and chose to consider it bonus time to plot and plan my novel. (I have a notebook and battery-lit pen on my bedside table so I can jot notes in the dark.) It took a few months but now that I'm not so stressed most nights I sleep quite well. I hope your insomnia doesn't hang around that long. If my experience is any indication, I suspect that the harder you try to sleep, the less you will. Oh, isn't that an encouraging thought? I'm soooo helpful. Sorry!

kap said...

I have trouble sleeping sometimes. Alchohol affects sleep differently as we age. It's a great sleep aid when we're young, but it lets us go to sleep but not stay asleep when older.

I discovered without surprise that allegy medicine gives me a great night sleep. I think my allergies will be acting up tonight, in fact. I could use some serous z's.

Joylene Nowell Butler said...

Keith's right, Dave. Have you tried Chloratripoline? sp? or Sudafen? Or some other allergy medicine? Works like a charm for me. I don't dare take the stuff in the morning or I'm on the sofa the rest of the day. But one at night, when I'm desperate, works great.

Actually, I never think of them until morning. But a week ago I was bit by an insect on my upper cheekbone and my eye swelled shut. I took one Chloratriporine and felt groggy all day. I finally had to buy some Reactine because it doesn't guarantees not to make you sleepy.

Joylene Nowell Butler said...

Keith's right. Allergy medicine always makes me sleepy. I finally found one (Reactive) that won't.

I feel for you, ole man.

My last comment didn't show up, so sorry if this is a duplicate.

JaxPop said...

Careann - I'm always thinkin' about something - not usually stressed.

Keith - Not too big on alcohol myself - a beer now & then.

Joylene - I've tried Benadryl - It works but I have to take it early or I won't get up for work.

Part of the problem is schedule - If I get on a roll with writing, I will keep going - sometimes until 4 or 5 AM (weekends) so that probably has something to do with it - oh & the Rolaids.

Ronnie said...

So sorry, Dave. I hope this finds you sleepy five days later. I have phases where I'm just wound up! Goes away after a while. Nothing long term. It helps me to slow down way before bedtime. Lower lights and less or no TV or noise. This is a problem with Joe around. He likes to go to sleep with music or baseball on the radio. A lot of passive aggressive behavior on my part...loud sighing, banging on the pillow, blanket pulling. You get the picture.
Have you tried visualization? Pick something. Laying on a raft in a pool in Monte Carlo?
Wishing you luck sawing those logs!
Love that painting of the pirate ships! Is it going in the new book?

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Oh boy.
I'm so sorry. Everybody needs their sleep.
Have you tried those white noise machines? We used them when our kids were babies. Do you sleep better with a fan going?
Good luck to you!

JaxPop said...

Changed to a new pillow (again). I think I've "written" the 3rd book mentally.

Ronnie - I visualize stuff all the time & I can't fall asleep with TV or Music on. (I do the pillow punching, sheet pulling too). Oddly - the remote works fine on the TV in our bedroon - but not the OFF button.

Becky - We have those sound machines - always have a loud fan going.

My back went out Friday afternoon. Can't sit, stand, walk etc - I can lie flat. Perfect Timing. I'm working in the office this week - sitting at a desk. It's an 80something mile drive one-way. More sitting. No writing, really bugs me out 'cause I've been on a roll. (I'll even pay for adding this comment.) And worst/best of all - my grandkids are flying into town this Friday for a visit.

Cross your fingers - I only have a few days to recover.

Ronnie said...

fingers are crossed. have fun with the little ones.